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Israeli Technology Shines at Paris Climate Conference

Israeli Technology Shines at Paris Climate Conference

Photovoltaic arrays at the Israeli National Solar Energy Center

This month’s UN Climate Change Conference in Paris resulted in a historic agreement reflecting the commitment of almost every country on Earth to take steps to slow the progression of climate change and mitigate its effects. Israel is positioning itself as an integral part of this effort, both by setting its own standards for limiting greenhouse gas emissions and by mobilizing its high-tech sector to develop tools for all countries to use.

Speaking at the conference on November 30, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called climate change one of the “pivotal issues of our time” and said that Israel was playing a “leading role” in addressing it. Indeed, in preparation for the conference, Israel stated that it plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2030. This ambitious goal would go a long way towards reducing Israel’s own contribution to climate change.

However, Israel is not only concerned with its own efforts to reduce emissions. At the conference, many Israeli high-tech companies offered their services to all delegates looking for innovative ways to increase energy efficiency and seeking out sources of renewable energy. As Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabbai said to those assembled: “Technological developments are our contribution and our main task in the climate change arena.”

Some of the technologies featured by Israel’s delegation included a robotic cleaning system for solar panels, energy storage systems and a platform that maps air quality in real time. By sharing these innovations with the world and working hard to reach its own emissions targets, Israel will play an important role in the international community’s mission to slow climate change.

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Jacob Kraus is the campaign organizer at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, leading the Reform Movement’s Urgency of Now campaigns for criminal justice reform and immigrant justice. Based at the Union for Reform Judaism offices in New York City, Jacob grew up in Cincinnati, OH, where his family is affiliated with Rockdale Temple. He is a 2015 graduate of Macalester College.

Jacob Kraus

Published: 12/21/2015