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Iran Deal Update: Key Congressional Deadline Reached

Iran Deal Update: Key Congressional Deadline Reached

Today marks the end of the 60-day period Congress had to review the agreement brokered between the P5+1 and Iran over Iran’s nuclear program. The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, passed in May, granted Congress 60 days to assess the deal, during which the President cannot roll back sanctions imposed by Congress. On Friday, the House of Representatives passed a resolution disapproving of the deal, but the Senate did not due to a procedural filibuster, so legislation disapproving of the deal did not reach President Obama’s desk. With today’s deadline, the Obama Administration is now taking steps to begin implementing the deal. Today, Secretary Kerry appointed Ambassador Stephen D. Mull to coordinate these steps. In addition, the White House has announced that President Obama will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu on November 9 in Washington.

In the Reform Movement’s statement on the Iran Deal, we urged focus on the day after the deadline for congressional action:

“We call upon the Israeli leadership, the U.S. Administration and members of Congress, and those on all sides of this debate to tamp down their rhetoric. If the debate is allowed to weaken the U.S.-Israel alliance, or further sharpen partisan divides over what it means to be “pro-Israel,” Israel will be less secure. And on the day after the vote, as on the day before, Israel will need the United States’ continued military and political support, bilaterally, in the United Nations, and more broadly on the world stage.”

With that day now upon us, it is time for political leaders, the international community and the Jewish community to put those words into action. It is essential that this debate not be allowed to create a lasting rift between Israel and the U.S., between North American Jews and Israelis, or among American Jews. It is also vital that the United States work with Israel to ensure that the shared security concerns of both nations are addressed and that Israel in particular, which faces unique threats from Iran, has the ability to respond effectively.

In this season of reflection and renewal, these Days of Awe, we pray that the days and years ahead will be filled with peace for all people.

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Jacob Kraus is a 2015-2016 Eisendrath Legislative Assistant at the Religious Action Center.

Published: 9/17/2015

Categories: Social Justice