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Iran Nuclear Program Agreement Announced, Reform Movement Responds

Iran Nuclear Program Agreement Announced, Reform Movement Responds

Early this morning, P5+1 and Iran announced an historic agreement aimed at preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, while simultaneously providing Iran with relief from nuclear-related sanctions. The deal, which has been the result of nearly 20 months of negotiations, comes in at a sleek 159 pages, and many top experts, including those in the Reform Movement, are still parsing through the details.

Reform Movement leaders from the URJ, RAC and CCAR responded to the announcement of the deal by promising to “go back to our trusted experts and continue to consult with our constituencies to better understand the consequences of this proposed agreement.” These leaders continued,

“We deeply appreciate the intense efforts of the multinational negotiators, especially the U.S. administration, for having worked so hard to try to come to a diplomatic resolution with Iran on containment of its nuclear program. As the U.S. Congress, other world leaders, and the American public, including the Jewish community, evaluate the details of the proposed agreement, we recognize that thoughtful people can and do hold strongly different opinions as to whether this agreement is the best obtainable result in securing our shared goals and upholding the ideal that solutions should be found through the negotiating process rather than a military confrontation…

“As the Congress moves forward, we will share our opinion on the viability of this agreement to achieve our goals: that the final agreement will put the optimal standard for restraints on Iran, preventing a nuclear-armed Iran, protecting the security of the United States, Israel and our allies around the world.”

You can find the full statement here.

To learn more about the deal and its emerging details, you can check out the White House website, updates from the New York Times and the Vox story stream.

Stay tuned to RACblog and the RAC issue page on Iran for updates, analysis, and reflections in the coming days.

Published: 7/14/2015

Categories: Social Justice