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Green Activity Cards for Summer Hiking and Gardening!

Green Activity Cards for Summer Hiking and Gardening!

Summer is finally and fully upon us! This is the time of year when many of us most appreciate the natural world around us, either by simply spending more time outside in the sun or in home and congregational gardens, hiking, swimming and generally exploring. With summer here and the school year ending, camp season is also by now well underway. For many of us, including me, Jewish summer camp was an amazing opportunity to deeply connect both with the natural world and with our Jewish identities.

At the Religious Action Center, we’re excited about a summer chock-full of Jewish engagement and growth at the Reform Movement’s fifteen summer camps across North America. We’ve been hard at work this year on climate change and environmental advocacy in D.C., and we want to share that with all our nature-lovers, hikers and gardeners at the URJ camps. To this end, we’ve created two green activity cards, one for hiking and one for camping, that can be used by at summer camp or at home.

Each of our two activity cards has a prayer, a Jewish story and conversation starters that we hope will help connect our sacred Jewish obligation to be environmental stewards with the hiking and gardening activities that summer offers all of us. Whether you’re at camp, or on a hike with your family, or getting your hands dirty in the garden this summer, check out our new greening activity cards.

Happy trails! Please email me if you have any questions about using the greening activity cards or other environmental initiatives. If you’re interested in doing more, talk to your congregation about becoming more energy efficient through the GreenFaith certification program or tell your Member of Congress that you care about sustainable development in the face of climate change.

Published: 6/09/2015

Categories: Social Justice