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The Other March Madness

The Other March Madness

Whether you observe Passover according to the strict rules of Jewish law, or you attend one family Seder, or whether your Passover observance is watching The Prince of Egypt, or whatever traditions, practices or customs you find meaningful, the weeks leading up to Passover (April 3-11, 2015) feel like a Jewish March Madness. Between planning Seders, cleaning your house of chametz or mentally preparing yourself for a week of matzah, there’s a lot to get done and it always feels like not enough time.

On the RACblog, our Passover March Madness has included a flurry of blogs about key social justice issues connected to Passover and the great Haggadot and Seder inserts you can use during Passover:

It’s clear that Passover lends itself well to a variety of interpretations and connections to social justice issues. For whatever issue you want to highlight – in a large or small way – we have a resource discussed above or at rac.org/Passover.

However you observe Passover, may it be filled with joyful discussion, meaningful observance and tzedakah (justice). And, if you're carefully watching your NCAA bracket - a more well-known March Maddness - best of luck!

Chag sameach!