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Double Booked: Working Families Matter, #WEmatter

Double Booked: Working Families Matter, #WEmatter

On August 26, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment took effect, granting suffrage to millions of American women to demonstrate that their voices – through their votes – mattered in our democracy. It would take many decades after 1920 to ensure full voting rights for all United States citizens, an effort we are sadly still working on today.

Today, August 26, 2014, we commemorate Women’s Equality Day to celebrate the triumphs of the past, and to shed light on challenges remaining today. We are joining with a number of our partner organizations on social media to show that #WEmatter on Women’s Equality Day. The policy issues and the social and cultural solutions to many of the obstacles women and working families face are critical to our lives and health – together, our voices are stronger and more powerful.

As working families of faith and non-faith, our unique perspective on these issues is an important contribution to the dialogue about what our country can do to better support the modern American working family. Join with us on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #WEmatter and #DoubleBooked to talk about the stories, challenges, and policy topics that matter the most to you and working families. Be sure to also share your ideas in the comments below.

Here are some other ways to get more involved with the RAC’s efforts on working families:


Published: 8/26/2014

Categories: Social Justice