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Earlier this month on June 20, we joined with groups around the world in observing World Refugee Day, a day to shed light on the plight of refugees.

Rachel Landman

Since the beginning of 2016, over 50 pieces of anti-refugee legislation have been introduced on the state and federal level, as anti-refugee sentiment has increased throughout the country.

Rachel Landman

Throughout the month of June, faith communities across the country are joining in a Refugees Welcome Campaign in honor of World Refugee Day on June

Rachel Landman

Muslims, Christians and Jews joined hands in Oakville, Ontario forming "ACT: Abraham's Children Together" in recognition of their common heritage in the Prophet Abraham and love and compassion

Rabbi Stephen Wise

Imagine you are running for your life. Your survival depends on the mercy of strangers. Your home is in ruins and your neighbors have fled.

Karen Wallace Lipson

Refugees and displaced people face many challenges fleeing dangerous situations throughout the world.

Rachel Landman

In early January 2016, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal law enforcement agency charged with enforcing immigration law,

Adam Waters

On Purim, we celebrate the story of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, who saved the Jews of Persia from Haman’s plot to kill them.

Rachel Landman