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Race and Ethnic Relations

Starting this summer, the Reform Movement will be taking action around the United States under the banner of Ni

Religious Action Center

At the URJ’s Biennial conference, November 4-8, 2015, we unveiled the first steps of the Reform Movement’s racial just

Adam Waters

The Jewish tradition is replete with stories of successful resistance to hate.

Adam Waters

How often does your rabbi say in his or her High Holy Day sermon, “Take out your phones and make a call?”  Over the holiday season, that’s exactly what rabbis across California did.  Governor

Rabbi Ken Chasen
A call for voting rights at the America's Journey for Justice Rally on Capitol Hill in September

If you need evidence of the continued importance of the protections of the Voting Rights Act, look no further than the ongoing dispute over closing DMV offices in Alabama.

Adam Waters
Prison Interior

In a political climate marked by partisanship, it is too seldom that we see a willingness for elected officials to reach across the aisle on major national issues.

Adam Waters
Middle Passage waving American flag in front of the Virginia war memorial

Moses is perhaps the only person who knew the date of his death.

Rabbi Erica Asch
Rabbi Seth Limmer speaking at America's Journey for Justice rally

Last week, the NAACP’s America’s Journey for Justice, a 1000-mile civil rights march from Selma to Washington, crescendoed as hundreds gathered on Capitol Hill to raise their voices for justice.

Adam Waters