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The Western Wall Plaza

After decades of prayer, protest and negotiation, the Israeli governm

Jacob Kraus
President Obama delivering the State of the Union

As what I call a “New Yorker-in-diaspora,” State of the Union nights remind me that Washington, D.C.

Sarah Greenberg

As we begin 2016, we reflect upon the successes and challenges of last year, and many of us embark on fulfilling our new year’s resolutions.

Religious Action Center
Israel social justice protests Rabin Square Tel Aviv, October 29, 2011

“Without a live and kicking opposition, our democracy is worth little. I am here today because I believe that the free market of ideas is a holy principle.”

Jacob Kraus
The Official Hannukiah at the Western Wall

In the spirit of Hanukkah, a festival that celebrates the rights of Jews to worship freely, Women of the Wall are continuing their work to expand that right today in Israel.

Jacob Kraus

In mid-2014, following one parent’s anguished public remarks about her daughter’s intimidation and isolation on a campus roiled by political ferment over Israel, conversations among the rabbi

Asher Sheppard

Speaking to the 5,000 attendees at the URJ Biennial in Orlando on Saturday, November 7, Vice President Joe Biden offered sincere words on many issues of importance to our Movement.

Jacob Kraus