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Letters by Reform rabbis in Baltimore, Chicago and Miami condemning planned ICE raids in those cities were published Friday and over the weekend.

Rabbi Esther Lederman speaking on stage

In the Book of Jeremiah we read:
“A cry is heard in Ramah —
Wailing, bitter weeping.
Rachel weeping for her children.

Rabbi Esther Lederman
Rabbi Jonah Pesner addresses a crowd

The Book of Numbers tells us
that God told the Children of Israel
to “take a census of the whole community,
every family according to its ancestral household,

Rabbi Jonah Pesner
Handmade sign reading LOVE THY NEIGHBOR

Together, these pieces of legislation would offer a path to citizenship for approximately 2.5 million people.

Talia Kaplan
Closeup of a mans chest wearing a button that says DO JUSTICE

These remarks are lightly adapted from those presented before the opening plenary of the 2019 Consultation on Conscience on Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Yolanda Savage-Narva and Heidi Segal
Rabbi Jonah Pesner speaking at a podium with the sign "NO BAN ACT"

This post is adapted from remarks offered by Rabbi Jonah Pesner at the

Rabbi Jonah Pesner

Following in the tradition of Abraham, who heeded God’s call in Parshat Lech Lecha, 275 diverse Jewish communities in 33 states across North America responded to the urgency of the global

Talia Kaplan

Rabbi Ben Zeidman is the rabbi at Temple Mount Sinai in El Paso, Texas.

Rabbi Ben Zeidman
Photo: Bill Swersey/HIAS

This post is adapted from a report written for the Reform Movement's Commission on Social Action. Photo: Bill Swersey/HIAS.

Alec Harris
Sign reading "Love Thy Neighbor" held up against a blurred green background, at a protest

This Jewish delegation to San Diego and Tijuana is more than just a visit; it is a moral imperative. It represents the next step in the Reform Movement’s commitment to awaken the Jewish community to the plight of our immigrant neighbors and urge American leadership to enact just and compassionate immigration policies.