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Temple Judea is a 2019 Fain Award recipeint for its project, Pathway to Citizenship. 

Judy Rutt

On November 19, Reform Jews met outside of an immigration court in San Antonio, Texas to protest the administration’s unjust “Remain in Mexico” policy and its attacks on immigrants and the asylum p

Rabbi Mara S Nathan

Temple Emanu-El is a 2019 Fain Award recipeint for its project, the Westfield Fun Club. 

Jenny Tananbaum

Congregation Albert is a 2019 Fain Award recipeint for its project, Asylum Seekers Volunteer Program.

Jessica Corley

One week after participating in the HIAS Immigrant Justice delegation to San Diego, I was still haunted by memories of the men, women, and children getting up in the early hours of the day to be at

Mark Buchbinder

During Sukkot this year, the Religious Action Center worked with Reform congregations across North America to host immigrant justice events in the sukkah.

Arno Rosenfeld
Homestead March

Dr. Amy J. Cohen delivered the following remarks at Temple Beth Shir Shalom in Santa Monica, CA on Yom Kippur.

Dr. Amy J. Cohen
Family at the border

Earlier this month, the Union for Reform Judaism joined over 200 organizations in calling on Congress to curtail funding for immigration detention and enforcement, and to enact standards to improve

Danny Cooper
Men sounding shofar

Last June, Rep.

Tyler Dratch
Children in cages

When I first learned of the adolescent detention facility in Homestead, Florida, I was appalled.

Rabbi Suzanne Singer