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“Is such the fast I desire, A day for men to starve their bodies? Is it bowing the head like a bulrush And lying in sackcloth and ashes?

Susannah R. Cohen

Due to a deadly combination of war and drought, almost 20 million people in four countries

Shelby Friedman

Over the past few weeks, the weekly parsha, Torah portion, has covered the building of the mishkan, the tabernacle.

Nathan Bennett

During the first week of my internship at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), I went to a briefing at the U.S.

Sara Stahl
shofar leaning on tallit

When Winter Storm Jonas hit D.C. in January, we were eagerly looking forward to the balmy, humid temperatures of the D.C. summer.

Sarah Greenberg
Ilana Symons in front of FRAC sign with MK is sign

As someone on the line between childhood and adulthood, I’m exploring what it means to make choices for myself.

Ilana Symons
vegetable trays on a lunch line

Underneath our country’s anti-hunger programs for children is one clear expectation: all hungry children who are eligible for the programs will always be fed.

Tyler Dratch

Food insecurity impacts communities across the country and the world.

Rachel Landman
tray on a lunch line

At my elementary school, every student had the ability to purchase lunch tickets so that they did not need to carry cash every day, and for a forgetful young child like me, these tickets were much

Tyler Dratch