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Gun Violence Prevention

graphic with text wear orange

On June 2, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, people around the country will Wear Orange to bring attention to the epidemic of gun violence that kills 90 Ame

Maya Weinstein
Handgun over dictionary definition of "violence"

After a long election cycle, it is so important to take stock of – and build on – the victories we’ve had this November.

Rabbi Ethan Bair
candles in heart shape

Gun violence in America has become consistent, reliable news. Breaking news alerts draw our attention to shootings at schools, movie theaters, night clubs, and in the middle of our streets.

Maya Weinstein
Purple ribbon for domestic violence on white flag waving outside

It sometimes feels that we’re constantly in the aftermath of another instance of gun violence.

Maya Weinstein

The beginning of the program year is always an exciting time at the RAC, as we begin a new cycle of tikkun olam work.

Sarah Greenberg

On Sunday, September 25, people from all across the United States will gather in person and on social media in the #ConcertAcrossAmerica to call for an end to the epidemic of gun violence tha

Sarah Greenberg