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Economic Justice

Sick child with doctor

One of my favorite aspects of Shabbat is the opportunity to pray for all those in need of healing.

Nathan Bennett
Sukkot Celebration

“All citizens of Israel shall live in booths, in order that future generations may know that I made the Israelite people live in booths when I brought them out of the land of Egypt” (Leviticus 23:4

Nathan Bennett
Students Advocating for Economic Justice

On Tuesday, the United States Census Bureau released their 2015 data, which offers encouraging sig

Nathan Bennett

The beginning of the program year is always an exciting time at the RAC, as we begin a new cycle of tikkun olam work.

Sarah Greenberg

During the first week of my internship at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), I went to a briefing at the U.S.

Sara Stahl
shofar leaning on tallit

When Winter Storm Jonas hit D.C. in January, we were eagerly looking forward to the balmy, humid temperatures of the D.C. summer.

Sarah Greenberg
Ilana Symons in front of FRAC sign with MK is sign

As someone on the line between childhood and adulthood, I’m exploring what it means to make choices for myself.

Ilana Symons
vegetable trays on a lunch line

Underneath our country’s anti-hunger programs for children is one clear expectation: all hungry children who are eligible for the programs will always be fed.

Tyler Dratch

Puerto Rico is an island with roughly 3.4 million inhabitants.

Samuel Moller