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Criminal Justice

Reform Ohio podium sign

Each year at this time when we begin the third portion of the Torah, we reunite with biblical Abraham, and I am transported to a panel discussion in which I learned perhaps the deepest value of his

Rabbi Karen R. Thomashow
Prisons in the Criminal Justice System

When I was six years old, I celebrated the beginning of my Jewish education with a consecration ceremony.

Hannah Caspar-Johnson
Ohio State House

“I Adonai have called you in righteousness...To open the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from confinement, from their prisons those who sit in darkness.”  Isaiah 42:6-7

Rabbi Lindsey Danziger

The United States has the world’s largest prison population: 2.2 million Americans are currently serving time

Jared Diamond

Today, we face a criminal justice system that is broken and does not reflect our values as Reform Jews and as Americans.

Jacob Kraus

As we continue in our pursuit of racial justice, it is important to both reflect on the work ahead of us and the legacy left behind by the leaders and movements that have already made significant c

Jacob Kraus
Interfaith Rally for Criminal Justice Reform

As Reform Jews from across North America converge on Washington, D.C.

Jacob Kraus