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June 2019


Cover of the USCIRF report

Seven months after being acquitted of blasphemy charges by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian,

Rabbi Esther Lederman speaking on stage

In the Book of Jeremiah we read:
“A cry is heard in Ramah —
Wailing, bitter weeping.
Rachel weeping for her children.

Rabbi Esther Lederman
Rabbi Jonah Pesner addresses a crowd

The Book of Numbers tells us
that God told the Children of Israel
to “take a census of the whole community,
every family according to its ancestral household,

Rabbi Jonah Pesner
The Religious Action Center contingent marches in the 2018 Capital Pride Parade with banner

Every June, Pride Month offers us an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ equality and recommit to fighting for full inclusion for everyone in the LGBTQ community.

Person holding a sign saying "Reform Jews will not stand idly by"

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, a time for heightened attention to confronting the plague of gun violence that ravages our streets, schools, and houses of worship.

Logan Gerber and Sammi Goldsmith
Shows a video still from a local news story about the yearbook, viewer sees back of two students heads with "yearbook of the fallen" displayed on a computer screen

As their confirmation class project, the 10th graders at Temple Emanuel in Kensington, MD created a “yearbook of the fallen” to commemorate the high school victims of gun violence kil

Callie Newberg and Miriam Saletan

As Jews, the recent surge in xenophobic policies and anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States raises alarm because we remember what it’s like to be refugees unwelcome on America’s sh

Ally Karpel and Talia Kaplan