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August 2018



Susannah R. Cohen
Photo: Bill Swersey/HIAS

This post is adapted from a report written for the Reform Movement's Commission on Social Action. Photo: Bill Swersey/HIAS.

Alec Harris

A version of this post appeared in JTA

Jan Zauzmer
Doors of a polling station

The High Holidays invite us to initiate both personal and communal change.

Jenna Galper
The author and his internship supervisor pose for a photo at the RAC office.

Ask anyone about their childhood memories and they will most likely reference a happy moment.

Josef Klausner

As a Political Science major, whose best friends are Political Science majors, who spends her time watching The West Wing and who finds fascination in the game and strategy of electoral an

Sonya Abrams
Sign reading "Love Thy Neighbor" held up against a blurred green background, at a protest

This Jewish delegation to San Diego and Tijuana is more than just a visit; it is a moral imperative. It represents the next step in the Reform Movement’s commitment to awaken the Jewish community to the plight of our immigrant neighbors and urge American leadership to enact just and compassionate immigration policies.

Kathy Weinman quote

The following post was written b

Kathy Weinman