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April 2018


In response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, communities across the country have come together to help protect our schools and our students.

Danielle Wolff

Rabbi Billy Dreskin is a rabbi at Woodlands Community Temple, a Reform Jewish congregation in Greenburgh, New York.

Rabbi Billy Dreskin

This piece originally ran as a post on WRJ's blog

Susannah R. Cohen

In January of 1969, Santa Barbara, California experienced an oil spill which devastated the local ecology -- but agitated and mobilized local activists.

Jonah Baskin
Facebook page announcement of Caleb's victory in the school board election

Despite growing up in a Jewish household, it was not until high school that my Judaism really shaped my life’s path.

Caleb Herbst

Opponents of school voucher programs recently learned of a new scheme that will hurt military-connected families around the country.

Noah Fitzgerel