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September 2017


On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, the United States Census Bureau released its data for 2016.

Susannah R. Cohen
Police in riot gear outside Central Reform Congregation, St. Louis, MO

This post originally appeared on ReformJudaism.org.

Joy Friedman and Jacob Kraus

The 60th Chapter of Isaiah begins with the fiery words: Stand up!  From there, the prophet’s vision unfurls:

Stand up and shine!  For your light has come!

Rabbi Shoshanah Conover and Rabbi Seth Limmer
Health Care Symbol

At this time of the Jewish New Year, we should want to help not harm people.

Norbert I. Goldfield, M.D.
RAC Legislative Assistants

We are excited to begin this year as the RAC's 2017-18 class of Eisendrath Legislative Assistants.

Eisendrath Legislative Assistants
Child receiving care

This past Shabbat, we read the Torah portion Ki Tavo. We are nearing the end of the book of Deuteronomy, the final book of the Torah.

Nathan Bennett
Alyssa Weinstein with her fiance and two children

When I was in 10th grade, I headed from Baltimore, MD to Washington, DC for my first program at the Religious Action Center.

Alyssa Weinstein