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August 2017


When I was in high school, a bully with a locker just down from mine threw a penny at me and called me a dirty name for a Jew.  Before I could react, my history teacher put that student up against

Rabbi Joel N. Abraham
women studying text

Gender-based violence, exploitation, and violations of human rights pose a dire threat to women’s overall security worldwide.

Hannah Ellen
kids in a public school classroom

Two moments stand out as groundbreaking in laying a foundation for access to equal public education for all students: the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (1868) and Brown v.

Carly Klinenberg
walking alone

At a college house party, a red cup sits comfortably in his hand. His other hand is on the wall, his arm outstretched and his body maneuvered around her in a way that makes her feel trapped.

Ethan Stone
Young people holding candles

Our world is imperfect. As Jews, we know this.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
the words title ix written in green and blue

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a comprehensive federal law that prohibits dis

Lizzie Stein and Maya Weinstein
no ban no wall

As a high school student in Washington, DC, I have heard firsthand accounts from my peers of how anti-refugee sentiment has affected them and their families.

Kayla Perkins
person standing on crossroads of arrows

Reproductive rights refer to the freedom to choose when, if and how to have a family. While many associate the phrase exclusively with abortion, it encompasses much more.

Maya Weinstein
my name is sticker

Colleges and universities are often thought of as safe havens for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender

Sam Haiken
women in military in uniform

For years, members of the United States military were fighting a silent, internal battle: sexual assault was rampant and the military was covering it up.

Maya Weinstein