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December 2016


2016 Election Protection Volunteers

While the 2016 presidential election may feel like it took place ages ago, it has been less than two months since November 8 and some states only recently certified their results, giving all of us

Jacob Kraus

We have all heard the

Taylor Onderko
People holding hands

Recently, there has been a wave of legislation introduced that would add police officers as a protected category under hate crime statutes.

Lizzie Stein
Doctor advises patient

In 2009, a person who had suffered from an illness in the past could be denied health coverage based on tha

Nathan Bennett

This Shabbat, we read the story of Joseph in parashat Vayeishev. Joseph is the last of Jacob’s 12 sons and is often favored by his father.

Max Antman
Arctic and polar bear

On Tuesday, President Obama announced a permanent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling along large swaths of the Arctic and the Atlantic seaboard, protecting

Lizzie Stein

Last Friday marked Congress’ last day in session for 2016, leaving one key issue unresolved: filling the vacancy at the Supreme Court.

Max Antman