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August 2016


On Sunday, September 25, people from all across the United States will gather in person and on social media in the #ConcertAcrossAmerica to call for an end to the epidemic of gun violence tha

Sarah Greenberg
Voting Rights Advocates and Voter Registration Clipboards

Late last week, 200 Reform Jews and advocates for social justice gathered in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina to launch Nitzavim: Standing Up for Voter Protectio

Jacob Kraus
Rabbi Guttman at Board of Elections in Guilford County, NC

Commissioners on the Board of Elections in Guilford Country, NC proposed to cut by nearly half the number of early voting sites, including many inside Greensboro and one that primarily serves

Rabbi Fred Guttman
Jason Taper outside NAACP holding Machon Kaplan is sign

“Equal Justice Under Law”

Jason Taper

Outside of Israel and the United States, it is rare to hear that a Jew has been elected to a national office.

Jacob Kraus
Israeli flag waving

Eleven years ago, Palestinian civil society groups created a call for a series of universal boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Rebeca Feldman