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June 2016


Earlier this month on June 20, we joined with groups around the world in observing World Refugee Day, a day to shed light on the plight of refugees.

Rachel Landman
Seattle Rabbis Gun Violence Prevention

In the month of June, which also marks National Gun Violence Awareness Month, our nation witnessed the largest and deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

Max Rosenblum

Summer in Israel is probably best known for days at the beach, hiking in the hills and the many foreign tourists who come to visit the country.

Jacob Kraus
vegetable trays on a lunch line

Underneath our country’s anti-hunger programs for children is one clear expectation: all hungry children who are eligible for the programs will always be fed.

Tyler Dratch

Elections are one of the most fundamental elements of our democracy, a moment for citizens to participate in choosing our leaders and shaping the next phase of work on the key social justice

Sarah Greenberg

The United States faces a serious opioid abuse problem.

Adam Waters