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December 2015


hanukkah menorah

This winter holiday season we have started to see a trend that could come to be known as the “revolt against Black Friday.”  Black Friday

Tyler Dratch

On December 14, 2012, almost three years ago, a gunman murdered twenty children and six educators a

Tracy Wolf

This blog post is adapted from a Hanukkah resource created in partnership with the Am

Adam Waters

Today, December 10, is International Human Rights Day, marking the anniversary of when the United Nations adopted the Un

Rachel Landman
three tea lights and text reading: rekindle the flame of religious freedom this Shabbat Hanukkah

As Jews around the world gather this week around their menorahs, latkes and dreidels, we celebrate Hanukkah's story of how one small but mighty group of determined individuals battled for their rel

Sarah Greenberg

As the country turned its attention to the Thanksgiving holiday last week, you may have missed the news of a significant development in criminal justice reform at the state level.

Adam Waters

There has been a lot of buzz about some of the cases that the Supreme Court will take up this term.

Tracy Wolf
The Official Hannukiah at the Western Wall

In the spirit of Hanukkah, a festival that celebrates the rights of Jews to worship freely, Women of the Wall are continuing their work to expand that right today in Israel.

Jacob Kraus