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October 2015


by Lisa D. Singer

B’reishit: in the beginning...the story of creation.

This parashah is the first portion of the first book of our Torah. In chapter one God creates heaven and earth. God makes light and darkness, day and night; forms the earth and seas; and vegetation. God creates living creatures that inhabit the seas and the sky and the earth. This was all accomplished in six days. On the seventh day God finished the work and declared the seventh day holy.

In chapter two God formed man and called him Adam. Then God planted a garden in Eden with beautiful trees and edible food. Everything was perfect and pure. However, God forbids Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. If he does he shall die.

woman hugging her child


Tyler Dratch
The Western Wall’s Egalitarian Prayer Plaza

In the spring of 2014, while studying in Haifa, I traveled down to Jerusalem to meet up with my mother and other members of our congregation who were visiting Israel.

Jacob Kraus

On Monday, at the conclusion of Sukkot, Jews around the world celebrated Simchat Torah.

Tracy Wolf
Prison Interior

In a political climate marked by partisanship, it is too seldom that we see a willingness for elected officials to reach across the aisle on major national issues.

Adam Waters

I enjoyed many trips to Nats Park this summer to watch the Washington Nationals play. .

Shira M. Zemel
United Nations General Assembly Hall

As world leaders converged on the United Nations Headquarters in New York this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas each took the podium to s

The 2015 URJ Biennial has been designed to present content in new and innovative ways, and we’re proud to share that the RAC has coordinated the Tikkun Olam Track - an outstanding series of more th

Religious Action Center

As the Second Amendment notes, a nation has the responsibility to ensure the security of its people.

Barbara Weinstein

On Thursday, there was sadly another

Tracy Wolf