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October 2015


Just as some people are excited about the beginning of a new season of their favorite television show, many people (including me) are excited about the new Supreme Court term, which began on Octobe

Tracy Wolf

Food Day 2015 is coming up on October 24.

Joann Lo

As the U.S. Supreme Court started its new term last week, national attention once again turned to the death penalty.

Adam Waters

What: People’s Climate Movement (PCM) is organizing pop up events across the country mo

Rachel Landman

The recent flooding in South Carolina has been referred to as a “biblical flooding,”

Rachel Landman
Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

President Obama is running out of time to complete an objective he set during his very first week in office: close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

Jacob Kraus

A string of recent events, from growing numbers of Central American children migrants crossing

Adam Waters

by Rachel Landman

Last month I stood with other members of the Reform Jewish Movement outside the United Nations in New York City, in unity with people of many different faiths in the fight against climate change. This Climate Mobilization was part of a global effort to show support  for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Pope Francis’ moral call to action on climate change. With the United Nations General Assembly discussing the SDGs, and the Pope to address the UN on Friday.

This was an experience unlike other rallies I have attended. Yes, it had the crowds, signs, speakers and cheers, but it also had a different type of spirituality that was evoked through various religious rituals. The event began with a processional of faith leaders and of instrumental calls to prayer including bells, drums, song, dance, the blowing of a conch shell and the shofar. Beginning in such a way united the crowd, to make us one people gathered to protect our one world.

Every year during the third weekend of October, religious organizations and denominations around the country observe the

Tracy Wolf

As we begin the new Torah cycle with the reading of Parashat B’reishit, we receive our first  call to action as environmental stewards with the line, “The Lord God took the man and placed

Rachel Landman