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October 2015


It is, unfortunately, not news to many of us that anti-Semitism continues to threaten the safety and well-being of Jews all over the world.

Jacob Kraus

In the two and half years of partnership between the RAC and Gift of Life, more than 7,500 people at 200 congregation-based drives have been swabbed.

Rachael Youra

Gun violence is plaguing our country and impacting the lives of so many.

Tracy Wolf

With everything happening in the Middle East, now is a critical time to support, learn about, struggle with and connect to Israel.

Jacob Kraus
baby getting a vaccine

We have seen this before.

Tyler Dratch

We are currently facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Conflict and persecution have led 60 million people to be displaced throughout the world.

Rachel Landman
RAC Director Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner with IMPJ Executive Director Gilad Kariv at the WZC

Shalom from Jerusalem, where I am one of the 56 delegates representing ARZA at this week’s World Zionist Congress

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

by Sharon Zydney

This week’s Torah portion, Lech L’cha (Genesis 12:1 - 17:27) tells of Abraham leaving the land of his birth, the known, and moving on to an unknown place, a place that God will show him. Abraham and his household do as asked, taking all of their possessions and arrive in the land of Canaan. God promises the land of Canaan to Abraham’s descendants. After traveling to Egypt to escape famine, Abraham eventually returns to Canaan and settles there. God then reminds Abraham that the land “to the north and to the south, to the east and the west, for all the land that you see I am giving to you and your descendants, forever.” This previously unknown place becomes not only home for Abraham but also for the Jewish people.

WRJ is now at a place very much like where Abraham was in the beginning of this parashah. We are facing a transition, a move from a place of the known to a place that is unknown. November 4-8 in Orlando, FL, the delegates attending the WRJ Assembly 2015 will be voting on significant changes to the WRJ Constitution, changes that will ensure our continued growth as we move into our second century. The result of these constitutional changes will enable WRJ to be more representative of all women who support our work and want to engage with WRJ.