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September 2015


Rabbi Seth Limmer speaking at America's Journey for Justice rally

Last week, the NAACP’s America’s Journey for Justice, a 1000-mile civil rights march from Selma to Washington, crescendoed as hundreds gathered on Capitol Hill to raise their voices for justice.

Adam Waters

Thanks to everyone who participated in our inagural L'Taken Ruach Week! This post has been updated below to show the winners of our four prizes.

Shira M. Zemel

During this season of Jewish holidays, as we talk of renewal and redemption, we must reaffirm our commitment to renewing God’s creation.

Rachel Landman
Rabbi Seth Limmer Speaking at the Journey for Justice rally

The day after Rosh HaShanah, the RAC joined with the NAACP and others to complete America’s Journey for Justice – a thousand mile march from Selma, Alabama, to Washington, D.C.

Religious Action Center

I joined America’s Journey for Justice in North Carolina during the week of Nitzavim, a portion that will be read again on the morning of Yom Kippur.

Rabbi Sally J. Priesand

by Leslie Brier

This weeks parashah is Parashat Vayeilech, from Deuteronomy 31:1-30. Vayeilech translates to “he went.” It recounts the events of Moses last days after he is told that his time is near the end. Leadership will be transferred to Joshua. Moses entreats Joshua to be courageous and be strong. Moses tells Joshua that God will be with him.

In the Talmud it says that the time of a ruler cannot infringe on the time of the next ruler. Recently, many sisterhood boards and WRJ District boards have changed leadership. The lesson of the Talmud is important to remember. It is hard for leaders to transfer leadership when they have worked hard to strengthen their sisterhood or district and made their mark. What if the new leaders take the sisterhood or WRJ Dstrict in another direction and don’t share your vision? This is a time to remember to be like Moses who was the paradigm of leadership: have selfless concern coupled with wise guidance. Fortunately, WRJ and its sisterhoods have resources to help with this transition. From past presidents to the WRJ Chai Society to the WRJ Consultants there are opportunities for both the past leaders and new leaders to grow.

Today marks the end of the 60-day period Congress had to review the agreement brokered between the P5+1 and Iran over Iran’s nuclear program.

Jacob Kraus

by Annice Benamy

"You are standing, all of you, before Adonai your God—your leaders, your tribes, your elders, your officials, every person in Israel; your wives, your children, and the stranger in the midst of your camp, from the one who chops your wood to the one who draws your water—so that you may pass into the covenant of Adonai your God…and not with you alone do I make this covenant and this oath, but with he who is present, standing here with us today before Adonai our God, and with him who is not here with us today."  Deut. 29:9-11 and 13-14

Parashat Nitzavim (meaning “stand”) lays down a foundation for Judaism in that the Torah is declared valid for all generations and to every member of the community. Women and men, officials and laborers, those standing before Moses and future generations commit to uphold the terms of the covenant. The people are reminded to love God with all their hearts and souls and must fulfill their part of the covenant through their loyalty to God and God’s teachings. God gave each individual and the entire community two clear choices: life and prosperity or death and adversity.