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Arriving Early? D.C. Activities

FREE sightseeing options:

  1. Smithsonian Museums. Visit the National Mall to find dozens of free museums. Highlights include the Museum of Natural History, Air & Space Museum, & American History Museum.
    Metro Stop: Smithsonian (Blue & Orange Lines)
  2. National Portrait Gallery & American Art Museum.  See the portraits of all U.S. Presidents and explore U.S. history through Art. Through the Luce Foundation Center, do a scavenger hunt in the museum & win prizes if you find all of the answers!
    Metro Stop: Chinatown (Red & Green & Yellow Lines)
  3. Capitol Visitors’ Center. Book a tour of the Capitol or just stop in to the Exhibition Hall. (Note: Students will visit Capitol Hill during L’Taken, but likely will not enter the Capitol Building itself.)
    Metro Stop: Union Station (Red Line) or Capitol South (Blue & Orange Lines)
  4. Monument Walk. See the war memorials and monuments to Presidents. Schedule a free, tip-based walking tour or just wander the circuit between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.
    Metro Stop: Federal Triangle (Blue & Orange Lines)
  5. Arlington National Cemetery. Visit the final resting places of thousands of our nation’s soldiers, Presidents, and politicians. You can see the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, the eternal flame at President Kennedy’s grave, and the Robert E. Lee Memorial.  Beautiful landscaping and the magnificent views of the city enhance the experience.
    Metro Stop: Arlington Cemetery (Blue Line)

With a small budget:

  1. Washington Monument. Ride to the top of the Washington Monument. Admission is free, but you need to book timed tickets in advance and pay $1.50 service fee per ticket. Tours are 30 mins.
    Metro Stop: Smithsonian (Blue & Orange Lines)
  2. Newseum An engaging and multi-media examination of the evolution and impact of the news media. Photos, video, and artifacts shed light on key moments in our national history and how they were portrayed. At the end of your visit, everyone has the chance to record a news segment! Tickets are steeply discounted for school groups.
    Metro Stop: Judiciary Square (Red Line) OR Archives/Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter (Green & Yellow Lines)
  3. Spy Museum. Explore how spies, intelligence officers, and deceptions have changed the course of history! Admission is $15 per person, but group rates and programs are available. A hit with all audiences.
    Metro Stop: Chinatown (Red & Green & Yellow Lines)

DC Metro:          Click here for a link to the DC metro map and metro information

Each person needs his/her own ticket to get into and out of every Metro station!

Remember that we’ll be visiting the Holocaust Museum, MLK Memorial & Jefferson Memorial as part of the L’Taken Program.