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And Justice for All

Local clergy work together to create an inter-religious coalition to combat homophobia.

Community Contact Information: 
Temple Kol Emeth 
Marietta, GA 


  • Challenge discriminatory legislation in the community.
  • Work with other religious groups to fight anti-gay prejudice.
  • Educate the local community in order to prevent anti-gay prejudice.

Within a local community, the county commission passed a "Family Values" resolution that stressed that lesbians and gays were a danger to the "health, safety, and welfare of the community." After several public hearings and complaints that brought out some of the bigotry and hatred, many local lesbians and gay men were threatened and harassed. The local community came together to stop this anti-gay harassment from occurring. 

The congregation’s rabbi met with other local clergy groups to found an inter-religious coalition to address the harassment and discrimination brought on by the actions of the county commission. Together, they issued a statement on tolerance, receiving wide support and publication.

Project Implementation: 
Other synagogue members became involved in this effort, urging their Rabbi and the inter-religious committee to demonstration on the anniversary of the anti-gay resolution. The rally was attended by over 3,000 people who came to hear local clergy demand an end to the anti-gay resolution. 

Since the rally, the synagogue has held a series of services, meetings, and lectures to educate the community on the anti-gay bias of the county commission and encourage advocacy efforts to take place. The Interfaith Clergy group has formed in partnership with other local human rights groups to continue protesting the Commission's decisions. The local religious community continues to lobby, protest, and educate against this anti-human rights resolution.