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3x3 Social Justice

3x3 Social Justice

Through the reflective work of the Social Justice Taskforce, Temple Israel of Hollywood identified three major issues they felt needed immediate and sustained response -- Bias/Criminal Justice Reform, Hunger & Homelessness and Gun Violence Prevention. Response to these issues came through education, advocacy and action. Temple Israel’s team is working to make sure they are continually engaging on all three of these issues through all three of the modalities. One of the greatest successes include the passage of Proposition 57, as it reflected a six-month long campaign in our congregation from collecting signatures to celebrating its passage.

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Temple Israel of Hollywood

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Through advocacy, action and education, Temple Israel is working on issues of Bias/Criminal Justice Reform, Hunger & Homelessness and Gun Violence Prevention. 3x3 is a call to action and represents Temple Israel's commitment to reaching out across lines of faith, race and economics to collaborate with others in our city, state and country to effect real and deep change. 3x3 compels the congregation to work at building deep and lasting ties with our community partners. The goal of 3x3 is to make Temple Israel a justice-minded congregation of the present and future.


  • Blessed Sacrament Church
  • LA Voice
  • School on Wheels
  • ILM
  • Reform CA
  • Hollywood United Methodist Church


January 2016

TIOH launches the 3x3 Social Justice agenda

TIOH hosts Rabbi Reuben Zellman for a scholar in residence weekend to lead a series of conversations for teens, parents, and temple leadership on issues of Bias and Becoming a Welcoming Congregation for Trans People

TIOH forms partnership with My Friend's Place, serving monthly lunches to homeless Hollywood youth

April 2016

TIOH collects 250 signatures, helping to get Proposition 57, a key CA ballot measure on Criminal Justice Reform, onto the November ballot

July 2016

TIOH joins with Beit Chayim Chadashim and members of the LA faith community for a community-wide vigil to end gun violence

TIOH hosts a Sit In Shabbat to call on elected officials to end gun violence

August 2016

With Reform CA partners, TIOH helps to organize a screening of and moderate a conversation about "Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA" for the Reform community of LA

TIOH takes leadership role in planning Reform CA's Community-Wide Tisha B'Av commemoration, focusing on Criminal Justice Reform and Proposition 57

TIOH Launches TIOH Tutor Corps, recruiting and convening a group of TIOH members who make a weekly commitment to tutor homeless youth in our city

A delegation of TIOH congregants join Reform CA in Sacramento for a public action to meet with the governor and to lobby elected officials on Proposition 57

September-November 2016

TIOH partners with Blessed Sacrament Church, to do voter canvassing and phone banking to get out the vote and to encourage people to vote yes on Proposition 57

October 2016

TIOH creates and hosts a community-wide conversation about Proposition 57, convening community stakeholders for a public panel conversation, including two authors of the legislation

November 2016

TIOH helps launch Mazon’s This Is Hunger mobile exhibit on hunger, hosting the project for a week

December 2016

TIOH renews its commitment to our annual Christmas Dinner for the Homeless and Hungry, rethinking our 30-year program so that it fits our expanding notion of justice work

January 2017

TIOH joins LA Voice, a broad based faith community organizing group, to further our 3x3 work

Umar Hakim, Executive Director of ILM, a Muslim Social Justice Organization, to speak about our shared work for justice, while over a hundred congregants organize poster making for the Women’s March

TIOH launches weekly Phone Action, a time for congregants to gather together to make calls and send letters to elected officials on legislation that furthers our 3x3 Social Justice agenda

TIOH launches a Rapid Response Team, a group of dedicated congregants who have volunteered to step in and help targeted individuals and communities

January & March 2017

TIOH participates in Rapid Response trainings with LA Voice

March 2017

LA Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas speaks to the congregation about homelessness in LA and our involvement in passing Measure H, an important ballot measure on homelessness at Shabbat services

April 2017

TIOH creates and hosts a Climate Change Symposium, focusing on the ways Climate Change impacts vulnerable communities


  • Over one hundred people writing letters to elected officials calling on them to end gun violence at the Sit in Shabbat
  • Over one hundred people making signs on the eve of the Women’s March before listening to Umar Hakim speak at Shabbat services.
  • Thirty-one people on the Rapid Response Team
  • Eight people tutoring homeless youth each week through the temple’s partnership with School on Wheels
  • Ten people (and often more) coming together each week to write letters and make calls to elected officials in Weekly Phone Actions.
  • Fifty people coming together for our Proposition 57 Panel and fifty people coming together for our Climate Change Symposium, both intentionally drawing from within and beyond the community.
  • Governor Brown signing AB 953, a racial profiling bill, into law
  • Passage of Proposition 57, making critical changes to California’s criminal justice system
  • Measure H, legislation to help put people into affordable housing.
  • The most significant outcome of this work, is the coalescence of TIOH’s mission and vision to do justice work as a community