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For more information on how to secure your synagogue with more concrete security enhancements, procedures, terrorist-risk insurance, and other mechanisms, please explore the resources below.

Federal Security Funding and Policies
During these challenging times, many congregational leaders are concerned about how to best help congregants feel safe and secure while participating in congregational worship, programs, activities, and events.
A quarterly newsletter providing valuable information on how to keep your congregation or Jewish institution safe.
It is a simple and unfortunate fact: Jewish institutions have a special need for security.
The High Holy Days and other special events raise special security concerns for the Jewish community.
Depending on the nature and complexity of the institution, an assessment by security professionals might be required.

Approaching Security in the 21st Century
Our congregations will now have to decide whether or not, and how, to use any of the funding.
American Jews and the Current Challenges of Church-State Separation. October 19, 2004
This security awareness manual is designed to help you begin the process of thinking about security for your institution.

Some documents are only available in PDF format. If you would like to view this file type, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.

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