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Resources For Social Action Committees 

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K’hilat Tzedek: Creating a Community of Justice
K’hilat Tzedek is a 3-part discussion guide to assist congregations in deepening the role that social justice plays in their community.

Social Action Blessing Cards
In an effort to bind our pursuit of justice more explicitly with our tradition, we've created a downloadable card of brachot (blessings) that can be recited when performing the mitzvah of social action.

Support Our Troops
Many congregations seek ways to support Jewish soldiers, particularly in times of war and during the Jewish holidays. There are several opportunities for individuals and congregations to offer support to Jewish troops during the upcoming Passover season.

Speak Truth to Power: A Guide for Congregations Taking Public Policy Positions
This publication is our step-by-step primer for any congregation engaged in advocacy.

Chai Investment Program (CHIP)

Guide for congregations interested in pursuing socially responsible investment policies through the Chai Investment Program (CHIP).

Irving J. Fain Social Action Awards

Awards given to congregational programs that put Jewish values to work in the world through outstanding, innovative and replicable social action projects.

Lirdof Tzedek: A Guide to Synagogue Social Action

Our step-by-step guideline for all aspects of synagogue social action programming - from establishing the appropriate structure within the congregation to effecting change on teh local, state or national levels.

A Guide To Synagogue TzedakahCollectives

View this guide produced by the Commission on Social Action and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism on how your Synagogue can create a TzedakahCollective

Mitzvah Day Manual

Mitzvah Day is a program that sets aside one day during the year when all congregants—adults and children, social action mavens and novices—take part in one of several social action projects in their city or town.  


Chai Impact Action Center
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