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An Action Guide to Ensure Ethical Practices in Employing Domestic Workers
Domestic workers are indispensable to the American economy. America's families - including members of Reform congregations - depend on services provided by cleaning personnel, nannies, yard workers, and elder care workers. Domestic workers are common in American society.

Yet, there are few laws governing their treatment and limited resources to assist families wrestling with the ethical issues that frequently arise around the employment of these workers. Jewish tradition and values can provide that ethical foundation and guidance. Download our newest issue packet and find out what you and your congregation can do to learn about and assist domestic workers.

Fair Trade Coffee
Learn more about why buying fair trade coffee is important.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Resources
Resources to celebrate the life and impact of Martin Luther King, Jr

Building Affordable Homes
This program guide encourages congregations to build decent housing for low-income families.

Support Our Troops
Many congregations seek ways to support Jewish soldiers, particularly in times of war and during the Jewish holidays. There are several opportunities for individuals and congregations to offer support to Jewish troops during the upcoming Passover season.

Hunger No More
Hunger No More, a study guide on world hunger produced by MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger with support from the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, provides resources for adults and children to help congregations facilitate discussions on the issues of hunger and poverty in the developing world. The packet will help congregations prepare to advocate for people worldwide who need our help. We urge you to use these materials and to educate yourself and your community about the critical issues facing the most vulnerable members of our society.

Assisting the Unemployed through Congregational Job Banks and Networks
2.3 million private-sector jobs have been cut during the last three years. We must live up to the responsibility laid before us in the Torah which mandates that we treat workers fairly. Thus we advocate for the right of all human beings to fair wages and attempt to assist our fellow citizens in finding work. 

Resource Guide Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Brown V. Board of Education

Cover the Uninsured Week
National Cover the Uninsured Week was created to raise awareness about the 44 million Americans living without health coverage and to promote political action on this issue. The Commission on Social Action, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and and the Central Conference of American Rabbis have endorsed this program and helped produce materials for use by congregations during National Cover the Uninsured Week.

Social Action Packet on Argentina
The Jewish community in Argentina has been devastated by the economic crisis facing that nation. Tens of thousands of Jews have fallen below the poverty line, and Jewish institutions are struggling to provide relief. Our Progressive (Reform) congregations have established an array of initiatives to help the Argentine community rebuild and thrive. It is imperative that the North American Jewish communities support them in these efforts. To help congregations reach out to our fellow Jews in Argentina, the Commission on Social Action has prepared a guide explaining how you can assist, including: background information, Jewish texts and sample sermons, descriptions of Reform Movement initiatives in Argentina, sample temple bulletin articles and additional resources and links.

Juvenile Death Penalty Packet

Includes background, programming ideas, and resources.

Defend Reproductive Rights

Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision granting women reproductive freedom, turned thirty-four on January 22, 2007, but the effort to erode women's reproductive rights continues unabated and will undoubtedly grow even strong in the coming months. The Commission on Social Action and the Women of Reform Judaism have prepared a comprehensive website on Roe v. Wade that includes historical information, practical resources such as sermons and prayers, suggestions for advocacy and action, educational material, and a program bank.

Protecting the Wall, Supporting Our Schools; The Reform Movement's Campaign for Public Education
Created to accompany Rabbi Eric Yoffie's President's Message at the 66th Union Biennial, "Protecting the Wall" is the beginning of the Union's campaign to support public education. This publication discusses school vouchers, Jewish values and public education, and what you can do to oppose vouchers and support public education.

Conflict Diamonds Social Action Packet
Diamonds are of inherent beauty; but today, trade in diamonds by African insurgent groups presents an ugly threat to that continent's security and is forcing all of us to rethink the economies of war. Conflict diamonds—diamonds that are mined by militant groups to purchase weapons and equipment—are fueling instability in Angola and Sierra Leone and escalating the fighting in the Democratic Republic in the Congo. Packet produced by the Commission on Social Action and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism for you to learn what you can do about this important issue by downloading this packet.

Sweatshops: Raising Awareness in Congregations

Commission on Social Action's (CSA) Suggested Guidelines Regarding the Boy Scouts of America

"Swords into Plowshares": How You Can Join the Union's Campaign to End Gun Violence 
Created to accompany Rabbi Eric Yoffie's President's Message at the 65th Union Biennial, this publication is the beginning of a year-long Union campaign to strengthen America's gun control laws. "Swords into Plowshares" is a primer on current gun laws, pending gun control legislation, the political landscape, other organizations working for gun control, and a list of ways in which you can make a difference.

Celebrating Public Education; Honoring, and Educating, our Teachers 
Packet produced by the Commission on Social Action and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism includes how to create a Teacher Shabbat, to honor public schools teachers in your community.

Chai Impact Action Center
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