December 20, 2014 · 28 Kislev

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Tu BiSh’vat, also known as the New Year of the Trees (Rosh Hashana Lallanot), falls on the fifteenth (tu) day of the month of Sh'vat. Scholars believe that Tu BiSh'vat was originally an agricultural festival, marking the emergence of spring.

Today, we celebrate Tu BiSh'vat by expressing our joy and thankfullness for trees, harvests, and the natural world. We plant trees at home and in Israel, and eat delicious fruits and greens. During this festival we consider our obligation to care for the environment and our responsibility for sharing the fruits of God’s earth with all.

Programs & Advocacy


Take action on Tu BiSh'vat with Greening Reform Judaism's step-by-step conservation guides for your home and synagogue.
Additional Resources

URJ Tu BiSh'vat Resources
Tu BiSh'vat history, rituals, and more.

NFTY Tu BiSh'vat Resources
Youth group and teen programming ideas.

Greening Reform Judaism
Learn how to make your synagogue more sustainable, share congregational best practices, and incorporate environmental values into your education curricula.

Green Table, Just Table Food Initiative
Commit to "carefully, thoughtfully, Jewishly" make healthy and sustainable food choices through education, programming, and advocacy.

GreenFaith Pilot Program
Learn about our partnership with intefaith environmental coalition GreenFaith to help eight Reform congregations become enviornmental leaders.

Chai Impact Action Center
Take action on these top issues!


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