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Throughout our history, the Jewish people has celebrated and commemorated the holy days of our ancestors. We joyously light our chanukiyot during Chanukah and eat matzah while retelling the story of Egyptian slavery during Pesach. Today, as modern North American Jews, our Jewish heritage shares space with our American and Canadian identities as well. We eat turkey on Thanksgiving, watch fireworks boom above our heads on Independence Day and honor our parents during Mother’s and Father’s Day.

These national holidays provide a special opportunity to combine our Jewish heritage and American culture while furthering our efforts to repair the world. READ MORE.

Building Relationships: A Social Justice Program Guide for National Holidays - Downloadable PDF

National Holidays

Remembering September 11Remembering September 11
To commemorate this tragic event, congregations host special services, community events and volunteer efforts.

Stuff your Thanksgiving with justice! Add an additional layer to Thanksgiving by incorporating acts of tikkun olam into your celebration.

Winter HolidaysWinter Holidays
Rekindle your personal commitment to social justice throughout the winter holiday season.

Martin Luther King Jr Day and Shabbat TzedekRev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Celebrate Shabbat Tzedek and continue our long history of working across lines of faith and race to end discrimination and speak out against inequality and prejudice.

Superbowl SundaySuper Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl or Souper Bowl? This year, turn this football clash of titans into a day of mitzvot.

Earth DayEarth Day
Each year, we recommit ourselves to environmental justice by working toward building a healthy, sustainable environment for the next generation.

Mothers and Fathers DayMothers & Fathers Day
These special celebrations of parents reminds us of the commandment to 'honor one's mother and father.'

Memorial Day and Veterans DayMemorial Day / Veterans Day
Take the time to thanks and honor our military personnel and veterans.

Independence DayIndependence Day & Canada Day
Celebrate by waving the flag and reflect on the freedoms we posses while recognizing those basic rights lacking around the world.

Labor DayLabor Day
Put our ancient texts into practice by seeking justice for hard-working, underpaid workers around the country and world. Including our "Labor on the Bimah" guide!

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Take action on these top issues!


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