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K’hilat Tzedek: Creating a Community of Justice
K’hilat Tzedek is a discussion guide intended to help congregations through a process of reflection to determine where their social action programs fit into the scheme of congregational life, and how they can become models of integrated, justice-seeking congregations.  The K’hilat Tzedek process will invigorate and deepen your congregation’s social justice work.

Speak Truth to Power: A Guide for Congregations Taking Public Policy Positions

A publication to assist congregations in taking public policy positions created by the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism (CSA) and the Ida and Howard Wilkoff Department of Synagogue Management of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ).

Lirdof Tzedek: A Guide to Synagogue Social Action
Whether you are looking to expand a successful social action program or are working to build one, Lirdof Tzedek: A Guide to Synagogue Social Action is an important resource for you and your congregation. Lirdof Tzedek provides step-by-step guidelines for all aspects of synagogue social action programming, from establishing the appropriate structures within the congregation to effecting change on the local, regional and national levels.

Sweatshops: Raising Awareness in Congregations

Poverty Initiative

Recognizing that 1 in 10 American families - and 1 in 20 Jewish families - live in poverty, the Union for Reform Judaism has committed itself to a serious fight against poverty and is embarking on a major initiative to engage Reform Jews throughout North America in efforts to ameliorate poverty. In connection with this initiative, the Reform Movement has launched a website that includes resources, advocacy opportunities, and program ideas on poverty.

For The Sake Of The Children: A Synagogue Guide To Public School Partnerships
This publication, created by the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism (CSA), includes instructions and ideas for synagogues initiating partnership programs as well as descriptions of successful partnerships. Appendices include information about current issues facing public schools, the Reform Movement's positions, and additional resources. Through such projects congregations will build new bridges within communities and ensure local children a strong educational foundation.

Labor on the Bimah Packet
In the richest country in the world, one in six American children lives in poverty. More than two million full-time, year round workers live below the poverty line, struggling to pay for necessities such as food, housing, healthcare, transportation and childcare. The American dream is an impossibility for too many hard working Americans who face the daily anguish, devastation and hopelessness of poverty. And yet the Torah and Jewish tradition teach us that it is our obligation to pursue justice for those who are in need. In the weeks surrounding Labor Day, when we read from Parshat Shoftim, "Tzedek, tzedek tirdof: Justice, justice shall you pursue," we have the unique opportunity to put this ancient teaching into practice by seeking justice for American workers.

Chai Investment Program (CHIP)

Guide for congregations interested in pursuing socially responsible investment policies through the Chai Investment Program (CHIP).

A Common Road to Justice
Edited by Rabbi Lynne F. Landsberg and Rabbi David Saperstein
Published by the Marjorie Kovler Institute for Black Jewish Relations, co-sponsored by the URJ and the NAACP, A Common Road to Justice is a programming manual for Black/Jewish relations. The manual includes extensive background information on the history of Black/Jewish relations, several creative and helpful programming suggestions, sample liturgies and model sermons, as well as a list of additional resources. $7.95/copy. To order please call the RAC at 202.387.2800.


Chai Impact Action Center
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