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2009 Press Releases
Reform Movement Condemns Iranian Regime for Violence Against Protesters 12/28/09
Lauding Senate Passage, Reform Jewish Movement Urges Conferees to Ensure Healthy Future for All 12/24/09
Emerging Copenhagen Accord Inspires Hope for Global Climate Action 12/21/09
Senate Health Care Vote Signifies Progress, but Bill Lacks Key Elements 12/21/09
Reform Movement Applauds Bipartisan House Vote for Targeted Iran Sanctions 12/15/09
Saperstein Joins Senators, Faith Leaders in Support of Health Insurance Reform 12/15/09
Reform Leader Calls Upon Congress to Pass Targeted Iran Sanctions Legislation 12/10/09
Faith Summit Highlights Critical Link Between Federal Judiciary and Religious Values 12/09/09
Reform Leader Commends Senate Defeat of Anti-Choice Amendment 12/08/09
Following EPA Finding, Reform Movement Calls for Action on Crucial Day in Climate Fight 12/07/09
Rabbi Saperstein Gives Keynote Address at Global Interreligious Conference 12/03/09
Reform Jewish Voice of NY Condemns State's Failure to Grant Marriage Equality 12/02/09
On World AIDS Day, Reform Jewish Leader Calls for Increased Access to Treatment 12/01/09
Reform Movement Condemns Iran’s Disregard for International Diplomacy 11/30/09
Senate Health Care Bill Must Protect Women's Reproductive Health 11/18/09
Reform Jewish Leader Calls on Rev. Robertson to Retract Anti-Islamic Remarks 11/16/09
Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Passage of Health Care Bill, Expresses Concerns about Anti-Choice Provisions 11/08/09
Union for Reform Judaism Endorses Health Care Bill 11/04/09
Reports of Lockerbie Bomber’s Death Provide Reminder of Terrorism 10/30/09
Reform Movement Hails Passage of Vital Hate Crimes Bill 10/22/09
Shift in White House Sudan Policy Signifies Move toward Accountability 10/19/09
Anti-Semitic Analogy Prompts Call for Apology from Reform Jewish Leader 10/19/09
House Addresses Iranian Threat, Passes Vital Sanctions Legislation 10/14/09
Senate Finance Vote a Healthy Step Closer to Insurance Reform 10/13/09
Reform Jewish Movement Encouraged by Amendment of Catholic Interfaith Dialogue Principles 10/08/09
Reform Jewish Movement Encouraged by Amendment of Catholic Interfaith Dialogue Principles 10/08/09
Reform Movement Hails US Leadership at United Nations 09/24/09
Saperstein Testifies in Support of Employment Non-Discrimination Act 09/23/09
As UN General Assembly Opens, Reform Movement Urges Action on Climate Change 09/22/09
Reform Movement Welcomes President Obama’s meeting with Netanyahu, Abbas 09/21/09
Respect for Marriage Act a Welcome Step toward LGBT Equality 09/16/09
Reform Movement Welcomes Congressional Leaders’ Remarks on Iran Sanctions 09/10/09
On Shalit’s Birthday, Reform Movement Prays for Release 08/28/09
Saperstein and Reform Movement Mourn the Loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy 08/26/09
Reform Movement Welcomes Appointment of Prosecutor in CIA Cases 08/25/09
Reform Movement Applauds Supreme Court Action in Georgia Death Penalty Case 08/18/09 Launches Prior to Faith Call with Obama 08/13/09
Reform Jewish Movement Congratulates Justice-designate Sonia Sotomayor 08/06/09
At Vigil, DC Jewish Community Condemns Tel Aviv Attack on LGBT Community Center 08/03/09
House Committee Vote Marks a Critical Step for Our Nation’s Health 08/03/09
Reform Movement Celebrates Signing of Disability Rights Treaty 07/31/09
Jewish Clergy Raise Call for U.S. Leadership on Sudan 07/30/09
Defeated Gun Amendment Lends Momentum to Gun Control Efforts 07/22/09
Reform Jewish Movement Lauds Passage of Hate Crimes Amendment 07/17/09
In Letter to Obama, President of Largest Jewish Denomination Reiterates Support for Administration's Middle East Policies 07/16/09
Reform Movement Recommends Questions for Sotomayor Hearing 07/10/09
A Crucial First Step for our Environment, our Economy, and our Health 06/29/09
Reform Movement Commends Report on Prison Rape, Calls for Action 06/29/09
Reform Movement Condemns Repressive Violence, Mourns Deaths of Iranian Protesters 06/26/09
Hate Crimes Bill Would Give Nation “The Ability to Respond” 06/25/09
On Anniversary of Capture, Reform Movement Prays for Release of Gilad Shalit 06/25/09
At Interfaith Service, Saperstein Stresses Urgent Need for Health Care Reform 06/24/09
Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Court Decision Preserving Voting Rights 06/22/09
This Week Marks Key Turning Point in Health Care Debate 06/19/09
Rabbis Across the Globe Join in Fast for Darfur 06/18/09
Reform Jewish Movement Responds to 2009 Human Trafficking Report 06/18/09
Reform Jewish Movement Calls for Greater Steps Toward Equality 06/17/09
In New Policy Statement, Reaction to Netanyahu Speech: Reform Jewish Movement Offers Renewed Support for Middle East Peace Process 06/15/09
Saperstein, Messinger Invite Activists, Rabbis to Fast for Darfur 06/15/09
Newly Passed Tobacco Bill Will Save Countless Lives 06/11/09
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Rev. Wright’s Hateful Comments 06/11/09
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Shooting at Holocaust Museum 06/10/09
Reform Jewish Movement Responds to President Obama’s Cairo Speech 06/04/09
Saperstein Calls for Immigration Reform that Keeps Families Together 06/04/09
Letter to Doonesbury Artist: Please Be Careful Not to Convey Anti-Semitism 06/01/09
Reform Jewish Movement Condemns Act of Violence, Mourns Death of Dr. George Tiller 06/01/09
Reform Jewish Movement Saddened by California Prop 8 Decision 05/26/09
Reform Movement Responds to Supreme Court Nomination 05/26/09
Celebrating an Historic Week for our Environment 05/22/09
Jewish Leaders Commend FBI, Police in Thwarting Terror Plot Against NY Synagogues 05/21/09
Israeli High Court Decision a Win for Reform Judaism 05/19/09
Saperstein Calls For Strong EPA Action on Climate Change 05/18/09
NY Court Decision Protects Vital Civil Liberties 05/12/09
Letter to Gov. Paterson: Grant Marriage Equality in New York 05/11/09
Reform Movement Renews Call to Repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” Supports Reinstatement of Arabic Translator 05/08/09
President’s Budget Reflects Commitment to Those in Need 05/07/09
Reform Movement Supports Confirmation of Dawn Johnsen 05/05/09
Reform Movement Hopes Souter Successor Preserves Church/State Separation 05/01/09
Saperstein Welcomes Dismissal of AIPAC Case 05/01/09
House Passage of Hate Crimes Bill Vital Step Forward for Civil Rights 04/29/09
On Equal Pay Day, a Reform Jewish Call to End Wage Discrimination 04/28/09
Saperstein Calls to Eliminate Crack-Cocaine Sentencing Disparities 04/28/09
Rabbi David Saperstein Arrested with Members of Congress to Protest Suffering in Darfur 04/27/09
Consultation on Conscience Focuses on Economic Crisis with Hope for Future 04/24/09
Coalition Urges House Passage of Hate Crimes Bill 04/23/09
On Earth Day, Reform Jewish Leader Calls for Climate and Energy Action 04/22/09
Reform Movement Welcomes Release of Torture Memos 04/16/09
Rescinding Troubling “Conscience Rule” Vital to Protecting Women’s Health 04/13/09
Vermont Passage of Same-Sex Marriage a Welcome Victory 04/07/09
Landmark Speech Sets Course toward Nuclear Weapons-Free World 04/06/09
Saperstein Calls on House to Combat Hate Crimes 04/06/09
Saperstein to Senate: Take Action on Tobacco Regulation 04/03/09
Reform Movement Hails Advances for Marriage Equality 04/03/09
Draft Climate Legislation Marks Significant Step Forward on Environment 03/31/09
Reform Jewish Movement Praises Amicus Brief on Key Voting Rights Case 03/26/09
Reform Movement to Newspapers: Remove Anti-Semitic Cartoon 03/26/09
Plan B Ruling a Victory for Women’s Health 03/24/09
Reform Movement Lauds Introduction of Disability Rights Bill 03/24/09
Obama’s Signing of UN Statement a Win for LGBT Equality 03/23/09
New Mexico Rabbis Welcome Statewide Repeal of the Death Penalty 03/19/09
Saperstein Joins Members of Congress, Activists in Calling for Aid to Darfur 03/19/09
Air Force Officer’s Action Spurs Concern of Religious Neutrality Violation 03/17/09
A Call to Restore Humanitarian Aid Operations to Sudan 03/13/09
On Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising, a Call to End to Oppression 03/10/09
Reform Jewish Movement Applauds Obama Administration’s Efforts on Middle East Peace 03/09/09
Stem Cell Decision Opens Doors to Life-Saving Research 03/09/09
Reform Jewish Leader Testifies Before EPA on Emissions Standards 03/05/09
Reform Movement Condemns Recent Anti-Semitic Attacks Worldwide 03/03/09
Rocket Attack on Ashkelon School Both Saddening, Troubling 03/02/09
Jewish Leader Applauds U.S.’ Decision to End Durban Conference Participation 02/27/09
Reform Movement Welcomes President's Proposed Investment in Vital Programs 02/27/09
DC Voting Bill "A Basic Issue of Fairness and Justice" 02/24/09
North Dakota 'Personhood' Bill an Affront to Reproductive Rights 02/19/09
Reform Jewish Teens Package 40,000 Kosher Meals for New York Food Bank 02/15/09
Reform Jewish Rabbi Travels to Kenya to Distribute Anti-Malaria Bed Nets 02/13/09
Arrest Warrant for Sudanese President Makes Strong Statement Against Genocide 02/12/09
Saperstein, Faith Leaders Stress Critical Need for Immigration Reform 02/11/09
Pass a Recovery Package that Invests in Our Communities 02/10/09
Saperstein to Serve on Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Issues 02/05/09
Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance Will Cover 4 Million More Kids 02/04/09
Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance Will Cover 4 Million More Kids 02/04/09
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Global Warming Principles, Calls for Further Action 02/03/09
Reform Jewish Movement Launches New Greening Initiative 01/30/09
New Fair Pay Law Combats Injustice of Wage Discrimination 01/29/09
Children’s Health Bill is an Investment in America’s Future 01/27/09
Vital Stimulus Package Must Also Support Most Vulnerable Communities 01/27/09
Saperstein’s Letter to Obama Addresses an Era of Great Challenge and Opportunity 01/26/09
Reform Movement Welcomes Appointment of Senator Mitchell as Middle East Envoy 01/26/09
Supreme Court Decision Offers Needed Protection Against Sexual Harassment 01/26/09
President Obama’s Repeal of Global Gag Rule a Major Victory for Women’s Rights 01/23/09
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Presidential Steps to Stop Torture and Close Guantanamo 01/22/09
Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Offers Welcome Protection for Women, Students 01/22/09
Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Immediate Presidential Engagement in Middle East Peace Process 01/21/09
Saperstein to Speak at National Prayer Service to Conclude Inaugural Activities 01/16/09
Reform Jewish Leader Praises House Passage of Children’s Health Care Bill 01/14/09
Reform Jewish Movement Joins Amicus Brief Challenging Proposition 8 01/13/09
Reform Jewish Leader Calls on Congress to Pass Pay Equity Bills 01/06/09
Activist Helen Suzman Remembered as a “Consistent and Unswerving Opponent of Apartheid” 01/02/09

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