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2008 Press Releases
Jewish Leader Appeals to Bush to Commute Jonathan Pollard’s Sentence to Time Served 12/30/08
Reform Jewish Movement Responds to Gaza Violence 12/27/08
Reform Jewish Movement Opposes Attack on Women's Health 12/19/08
UN Vote Calls Attention to US Absence from Global Fight for Gay Rights 12/19/08
Circuit Court Decision a Step Toward Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Jewish Leader Says 12/10/08
Reform Jewish Leader: “The Time to Address Genocide is Before It Happens” 12/09/08
Israel’s Resolve in Hebron Violence Vital to Peace 12/05/08
Israeli PM Olmert Responds to Saperstein Letter 12/05/08
Saperstein Joins Faith Leaders to Promote ONE Sabbath Initiative 12/03/08
Provision in Kentucky Law Violates Establishment Clause, Reform Jewish Leader Says 12/01/08
Saperstein Joins Faith Leaders in World AIDS Day Service to Call for Action 12/01/08
Mumbai Killings Reprehensible; Targeting of Jewish Center adds to Horror 11/28/08
Request for Sudanese Rebels’ Arrest Warrants a Step Toward Justice 11/21/08
Texas Jewish Leaders Fight for Students’ First Amendment Rights 11/20/08
Saperstein: Turn Darfur Ceasefire Offer into Just and Lasting Peace 11/13/08
Reform Jewish Leaders Send Letter of Welcome, Blessings to President-elect Obama 11/07/08
Reform Jewish Leaders Send Letter of Welcome, Blessings to President-elect Obama 11/07/08
Outcomes of State Ballot Initiatives Prove Both Troubling, Celebratory to Reform Jews 11/06/08
‘ONE Sabbath’ Mobilizes People of Faith around Global Poverty, Disease 11/03/08
Marriage Equality puts Connecticut at Vanguard of Civil Rights 10/10/08
On World Mental Health Day, Reform Jewish Movement Celebrates Long Overdue Parity Law 10/10/08
Saperstein Issues High Holiday Plea for Peace to Olmert 10/06/08
Reform Jewish Leader Demands O’Reilly Apologize for Hitler, Pelosi Comparison 10/03/08
As Congress Fails to Act, Reform Jewish Leader Renews Call for Comprehensive Energy Policy 09/26/08
Mental Health Parity Law Long Overdue: Reform Jewish Movement Calls on Congress to Finalize Broadly-Supported Bill 09/26/08
Reform Movement Blasts ADF “Stunt” Threatening Religious Freedom 09/26/08
The Promise of the ADA Restored: Reform Movement Applauds President’s Enactment of Disability Rights Bill 09/25/08
Broad Coalition Opposes Irresponsible DC Gun Bill 09/23/08
DC Plan to Fund Religious Mission Violates First Amendment 09/19/08
Respect Workers' Rights, Reform Jewish Movement tells Government and Kosher Food Producers 09/15/08
Bipartisan Senate Passage of Disability Bill Renews Commitment to Equal Rights 09/11/08
Reform Jewish Movement Mourns Imam W.D. Mohammed, an Advocate for Peace 09/10/08
Reform Jewish Leader Praises Parties on Platform Support of Two-State Solution 09/04/08
Florida Supreme Court Upholds Separation of Church and State: Reform Movement Hails Decision on Dangerous Ballot Initiatives 09/03/08
Saperstein Addresses DNC in Invocation Speech 08/28/08
Saperstein Mourns Abie Nathan, “Passionate, Creative, Dedicated” Peace Activist 08/28/08
Madonna's Hitler-McCain Analogy Deplorable 08/26/08
Rabbi David Saperstein to Give Invocation at Democratic National Convention 08/18/08
China’s Decision to Revoke Olympian and Activist’s Visa Disappointing 08/06/08
Reform Jewish Movement Celebrates House Passage of Tobacco Regulation Bill 07/31/08
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes Affordable Housing Trust Fund 07/30/08
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Senate Passage of Landmark Global AIDS Bill, Expresses Concern Over Key Prevention Provisions 07/17/08
Reform Jewish Movement Grieves with Israel as Remains of Kidnapped Soldiers are Returned 07/16/08
International Criminal Court Indictments an Important Step Toward Justice In Sudan: Reform Jewish Leader 07/11/08
Reform Movement Joins Broad Coalition Expressing Concern about the Faith Based Initiative 07/11/08
Alarmed By Iranian Missile Test Jewish Leader Renews Call for Targeted Divestment 07/10/08
Reform Jewish Leader Disappointed By Supreme Court Ruling in DC Gun Ban Case 06/26/08
House Passage of Disability Legislation Reflects Commitment to Equality 06/25/08
Reform Jewish Movement Lauds Appeals Court Decision to Keep AIPAC Staff Trial Open to the Public 06/24/08
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Passage of Farm Bill Reauthorization 06/23/08
Largest Jewish Movement Cautiously Welcomes New Developments in Path Toward Peace in Middle East 06/18/08
Highest Court Protects the Right of Habeas Corpus: Reform Jewish Leader 06/12/08
International Reform Jewish Movement Retains U.N. Accreditation 06/10/08
Reform Jewish Leader Criticizes Senate’s Failure on Climate Legislation 06/06/08
Reform Jewish Leader Issues Support for Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Resolution 06/04/08
Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes New York's Steps Toward Marriage Equality 05/30/08
Reform Jewish Leader Celebrates the Enactment of the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act 05/23/08
Saperstein Commends McCain's Repudiation of Hagee 05/22/08
Hagee Quoted as Blaming Jews for Holocaust: Yoffie’s Letter Calls for Explanation 05/21/08
Rabbi David Saperstein Addresses Poverty and Climate Change at Senate Event 05/21/08
Burning of Bibles a Desecration of Jewish State’s Values 05/20/08
Farm Bill Eases Burden on Poor, President Bush Must Sign It 05/19/08
Justice for California Gay Community in Today's Ruling 05/15/08
Reform Jewish Movement Commemorates Endangered Species Day, Condemns Border Fence Plans Threatening Biological diversity in the Southwest 05/14/08
Reform Jewish Leader Urges Passage of Farm Bill 05/12/08
Help the People of Burma: Reform Jewish Leader 05/08/08
Interfaith Cooperation Defeats Anti-Israel Resolution at United Methodist Church Convention 05/05/08
SAVE Act "fatally flawed," says Reform Jewish Leader 04/30/08
Reform Jewish Leader Celebrates Cover the Uninsured Week 04/29/08
Reform Jewish Leader Celebrates Cover the Uninsured Week 04/28/08
Reform Jewish Movement Observes 39th Annual International Earth Day 04/22/08
Supreme Court Misguided on Lethal Injection Ruling: Reform Jewish Leader 04/18/08
Boycott Opening Ceremonies in Beijing, Reform Jewish Leaders Urge 04/15/08
Reform Jewish Leader Lauds Bush’s Signing of Bill to Aid Ex-Offenders 04/10/08
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes New Global AIDS Bill, Calls on Senate to Fix Shortcomings 04/02/08
Reform Jewish Movement Urges Senate Opposition to Honaker Nomination 03/27/08
4,000 and Counting: Reform Jewish Movement Mourns Continuing Loss of Life in Iraq 03/25/08
Senator Howard Metzenbaum: Devoted Senator, Reform Jewish Leader, Tireless Fighter for Social Justice 03/13/08
Campaign is No Place to Spread Hate: Reform Jewish Leader 03/11/08
Reform Jewish Leader Hails House Passage of Mental Health Parity Bill 03/07/08
Reform Jewish Movement Mourns Lives Lost in Jerusalem Attack 03/06/08
Reform Jewish Movement calls on Congress to Make Women’s Health a Priority 03/05/08
Faith Based Organizations Call on House Committee to Support Effective HIV Prevention Strategies, Drop Abstinence Earmark 02/27/08
Steven Spielberg Applauded by Reform Jewish Leader 02/14/08
Torture is Not an American Value: Reform Jewish Leader Hails Senate Vote Opposing Torture, Calls on President to Sign Bill into Law 02/14/08
Lantos' Legacy: A Stronger, Better America 02/11/08
Reform Jewish Leader Encourages Members to Attend Hearing on the Workplace Religious Freedom Act 02/11/08
Jewish Coalition Mobilizes for Restoration of Rights for Americans with Disabilities 02/07/08
Doing Less with Less: Reform Jewish Leader Troubled by President’s Budget 02/05/08
Congress Must Safeguard Civil Liberties: Reform Jewish Leader 01/31/08
Reform Jewish Movement Calls on Senate to Restore Protections Against Pay Discrimination 01/30/08
Reform Jewish Leader Commemorates the 35th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade Supreme Court Decision 01/22/08
Reform Jewish Movement Unveils New “Iran Advocacy Toolkit,” Provides Resources for Personal, State and Federal Divestment 01/22/08
Reform Jewish Leader Joins Jewish Community Letter Criticizing Attacks on Senator Obama 01/16/08
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds New Jersey Action to Divest from Iran 01/15/08
Reform Jewish Movement Adopts Resolution in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform 01/11/08
Reform Jewish Leader Praises Enactment of Sudan Divestment Bill 01/09/08

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