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Press Releases of 2006
Reform Jewish Movement Praises House Passage of Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act 05/04/07
Reform Jewish Leader Honors the 34th Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision 01/22/07
Union for Reform Judaism Disappointed by President’s Speech Citing Failure to Provide an Exit Strategy 01/11/07
Reform Jewish Leader Criticizes Rep. Goode’s Remarks about Muslim Community 12/21/06
Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Leaders Urge Administration And New Congress to Make Arab-Israeli-Palestinian Peace a Priority 12/14/06
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Iranian Gathering of Holocaust Deniers 12/12/06
A Joint Statement by Leaders of American Jewish Religious Movements and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 12/04/06
Reform Jewish Leader Supports First Muslim Member of Congress’ Right to Take Oath of Office Using Koran 12/04/06
Reform Jewish Leader Mourns AIDS Deaths and Calls for Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention 12/01/06
Reform Jewish Leader Expresses Hope for Joint United Nations-African Union Peace Force in Darfur 11/20/06
Reform Jewish Movement Observes International Day of Climate Action 11/06/06
Reform Jewish Movement Saddened By Loss of Albert E. Arent 11/01/06
Reform Jewish Leader Decries Planned Termination of Iraq Reconstruction Oversight Authority 10/25/06
Reform Jewish Leader Hails New Jersey Supreme Court Case Requiring Equal Rights for Same Sex Couples 10/25/06
Reform Jewish Movement Joins With Synagogues to Discuss Legal Election Limits 10/17/06
Reform Jewish Movement Joins Amicus Brief in School Integration Case 10/11/06
Reform Jewish Movement Observes International Mental Health Day 10/09/06
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Attorney General for Increased Funding to Combat Human Trafficking 10/05/06
Reform Jewish Leader Blasts Family Research Council’s Statement on Homosexuality and Child Molestation 10/04/06
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Passage of Both Funding for Darfur Peacekeeping and the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act 09/29/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Passage of Military Tribunals Bill 09/29/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to House Attack on Establishment Clause 09/27/06
Reform Jewish Leader Calls for Just and Humane Immigration Reform 09/26/06
Reform Jewish Leader Disappointed by Lack of Action in President’s Climate Change Initiative 09/22/06
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds President Bush's Meeting with President Abbas; Urges Renewed Involvement in Peace Talks 09/20/06
Reform Jewish Leader Urges Removal of Proselytizing Provision in Defense Bill 09/20/06
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes President’s Appointment of Special Envoy to Khartoum 09/19/06
Reform Jewish Leader Calls on Senate to Reject Military Commissions Act 09/15/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to House Passage of Border Fence Legislation 09/15/06
Commemorating Katrina: Reform Jewish Movement Calls for More Reconstruction 08/29/06
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes Dispatch of U.S. Envoy to Khartoum 08/25/06
Reform Jewish Movement Hails FDA Approval of Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception 08/24/06
Reform Jewish Leader Decries Passage of Child Custody Protection Act 07/26/06
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns House Passage of Court-Stripping Bill 07/20/06
Reform Jewish Leader Expresses Support for United States-North Korea Policy Approach that Protects International Security and Human Rights 07/20/06
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Senate Passage of Embryonic Stem Cell Legislation 07/19/06
Reform Jewish Leader Praises House Defeat of Federal Marriage Amendment 07/18/06
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds House Passage of Voting Rights Act 07/13/06
Reform Jewish Leader Urges Senate to Support Crucial Stem Cell Legislation H.R. 810 07/13/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to New York Court of Appeals Ruling on Same Sex Marriage 07/06/06
Reform Jewish Movement Launches “Blue Helmet Campaign” to Combat Crisis in Darfur 07/06/06
Reform Jewish Leader Speaks at Minimum Wage Press Conference Alongside Top Senators 06/29/06
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Senate Rejection of Constitutional Amendment Weakening First Amendment Rights 06/28/06
Union for Reform Judaism Joins INMEX: Speaks at Launch 06/28/06
Reform Jewish Leader Disappointed in Supreme Court Decision on Campaign Finance Reform 06/26/06
Reform Jewish Leader Criticizes Delay on Critical Civil Rights Legislation; Urges Swift Consideration of Voting Rights Act Reauthorization 06/23/06
Reform Jewish Leader Hails Inclusion of Magen David Adom in International Red Cross 06/23/06
Reform Jewish Movement Coordinates Interfaith Letter on “Warrantless Wiretapping” 06/23/06
Divestment ‘Replaced’: Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes New Presbyterian ‘Overture’ 06/21/06
Presbyterians Poised to Replace Divestment Language: Reform Jewish Movement Applauds 06/20/06
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Release of New York Times Ad Opposing Torture 06/13/06
Reform Jewish Movement Applauds Senate Defeat of Discriminatory Marriage Amendment 06/07/06
Reform Jewish Leader Reacts to President’s Endorsement of the Federal Marriage Amendment; Calls on Senate to “Overwhelmingly Reject” Amendment 06/06/06
New Reform Jewish Movement Web Resource Facilitates Action on Climate Crisis 05/26/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Senate Vote on Comprehensive Immigration Reform 05/26/06
Reform Jewish Leader Marks One-Year Anniversary of House Passage of Stem Cell Legislation and Calls on Senator Frist for Further Action 05/23/06
Reform Jewish Leader Reacts to Reported Iranian Parliament Vote Requiring Non-Muslims to Wear Badges 05/19/06
Reform Jewish Movement Urges Senate to Oppose Federal Marriage Amendment 05/19/06
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Recent Violations by Air Force Major General 05/17/06
Reform Jewish Leader Urges Committee to Support Congressional Representation for Washington, D.C. Residents 05/17/06
Reform Jewish Movement Urges Congress to Extend Deadline to Sign Up for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage 05/09/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Signing of Darfur Peace Agreement 05/05/06
Reform Jewish Movement Launches “30 Days For Darfur” Campaign with 05/02/06
Reform Jewish Leader Addresses Tens of Thousands at Save Darfur Rally 04/30/06
Reform Jewish Leader Arrested at Sudanese Embassy 04/28/06
Reform Jewish Movement Observes International Earth Day 04/21/06
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Launches Online “Videocast” to Raise Awareness on Urgent Public Policy Concerns 04/20/06
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Inter-religious Violence in Egypt 04/18/06
Reform Jewish Leader Reacts To Tel Aviv Terror Attack 04/18/06
Statement by Rabbi Scott Sperling, Director, Union for Reform Judaism’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Council,at a Rally as Part of the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice 04/10/06
Reform Jewish Movement Applauds House Passage of Darfur Peace and Accountability Act 04/06/06
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Steps Toward Comprehensive Immigration Reform, More Work Needed 03/31/06
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Afghan Court’s Decision to Drop Capital Case Against Man Who Converted to Christianity 03/28/06
Rabbis Demonstrate at UN to Urge Action on Darfur 03/14/06
Reform Jewish Leader Urges Congress to Approve $19.8 Billion to Rebuild Gulf Coast 03/13/06
Reform Jewish Movement Marks International Women’s Day 03/08/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to House Passage of the Patriot Act Reauthorization Bill 03/08/06
Reform Jewish Movement Announces Plans for the Save Darfur: Rally to Stop Genocide on April 30th in Washington, DC 03/03/06
Statement by Rabbi Scott Sperling, Director of the Union for Reform Judaism’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Council, at an Interfaith Press Conference in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform 03/01/06
Reform Jewish Leader Praises Supreme Court Decision Protecting Religious Freedom 02/21/06
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes President Bush’s Call for Action on Darfur 02/21/06
Reform Jewish Leader Urges Full Investigation of Treatment of U.S. Detainees 02/17/06
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Ohio Board of Education’s Decision to Eliminate Language that Questions the Theory of Evolution 02/16/06
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Alabama Church Burnings 02/16/06
Reform Jewish Leader Urges House Adoption of Resolution Restricting Aid to Palestinian Terrorist Organizations 02/14/06
U.S. Air Force Commended for its Guidelines on Religious Exercise 02/09/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to President Bush’s Budget 02/07/06
Reform Jewish Movement Disappointed With House Passage of Budget Reconciliation Harming Low-Income Americans 02/01/06
Reform Jewish Leader Mourns the Loss of Civil Rights Leader 01/31/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to the Senate’s Confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito Jr. 01/31/06
Reform Jewish Leader Urges House of Representatives to Reject Budget Cuts that Target the Poor 01/26/06
Reform Jewish Movement Urges Senate Opposition to Alito Nomination 01/24/06
Reform Jewish Leader Commemorates the 33rd Anniversary of Roe V. Wade Supreme Court Decision 01/22/06
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Bombing in Tel Aviv 01/19/06
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to New Orleans Mayor Comments Linking God and Destruction from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 01/17/06
Religious Action Center Transmits “Ask Judge Alito Questions” to Senate Judiciary Committee 01/09/06
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Florida Supreme Court’s Decision to Strike Down School Vouchers 01/05/06

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