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2005 Press Releases
Reform Jewish Leader Expresses Support for Senate Stand on Behalf of Civil Liberties 12/21/05
Reform Jewish Movement Slams Passage of Budget Cuts Harming Low-Income Americans 12/21/05
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Court Ruling in Intelligent Design Case 12/20/05
Reform Jewish Leader Expresses Concerns over Domestic Surveillance 12/19/05
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Compromise on Detainee Treatment 12/16/05
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Latest Anti-Semitic Statement Made by Iranian President 12/16/05
Reform Jewish Movement Reacts to Latest Outrage Made by Iranian President 12/08/05
Reform Jews Across the Country Participate in National Call-In Day for Darfur 12/06/05
Reform Jewish Leader Reacts to 1,000th Execution 12/02/05
Reform Jewish Leader Calls for More Resources to Fight HIV/AIDS 11/30/05
The Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism Applauds the Leadership of Texas Reform Movement in the Fight Against the Legalization of Bigotry 11/14/05
Reform Jewish Movement Responds to Yesterday’s Gay Rights Ballot Questions in Texas and Maine 11/09/05
Reform Jewish Movement Responds to Senate Passage of Reconciliation Package; Urges House to Reject Irresponsible Budget Plan 11/04/05
Statement by Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, at Religious Leaders Press Conference Condemning U.S. Budget Slashing That Hurts the Poor 11/03/05
Minnesota Rabbis Join with Reform Jewish Movement in Urging Senator Coleman to Oppose Budget Cuts 11/01/05
Op-Ed: "Visit to Darfur Camps Brings Home the Need for Community to Get Active", by Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism 10/31/05
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito Jr. 10/31/05
Reform Jewish Movement Mourns the Passing of Civil Rights Leader 10/26/05
Reform Jewish Movement Opposes FDA Obstruction of Over the Counter Emergency Contraception 10/26/05
Reform Jewish Leaders Urge House Leaders to Oppose Legal Immunity for the Gun Industry 10/17/05
Reform Jewish Leader Calls on U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to Clarify his Decision to Block a Security Council Briefing on Darfur 10/12/05
Reform Jewish Leader Commends the President and the Senate on their Leadership against Human Trafficking 10/12/05
Reform Jewish Leader Commends Senate Vote Opposing Torture 10/06/05
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Supreme Court Nomination of Harriet Miers 10/03/05
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Senate Confirmation of Judge Roberts 09/29/05
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns House Vote in Favor of Religious Discrimination 09/22/05
Reform Jewish Leader Seeks Clarification from FEMA Regarding News Report of Removal of Katrina’s Victims' Bodies Being Delayed for “Blessing” 09/22/05
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Government-Funded Discrimination in Head Start 09/20/05
Reform Jewish Movement Issues Letter of Strong Concern Regarding Judge Roberts to Senate 09/15/05
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Despicable Statement on Hurricane Katrina by Rabbinic Leader of Shas Movement in Israel 09/07/05
Reform Jewish Movement Applauds California Assembly Ruling on Same Sex Marriage 09/07/05
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Passing of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist 09/04/05
Reform Jewish Movement Suggest Questions for Judge Roberts to the Judiciary Committee 09/02/05
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes New Air Force Guidelines on Religion; Cites Rumsfeld Support for Other Branches to Adopt Guidelines 08/29/05
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Dobson’s Comparison of Stem Cell Research and Nazi Experimentation 08/05/05
Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Terrorist Killings of Israeli Arabs 08/04/05
Reform Jewish Leader Hails Majority Leader Frist’s Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research 08/01/05
Religious Action Center Launches "Ask Judge Roberts" Campaign 07/27/05
Reform Jewish Movement Marks 15th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act 07/26/05
Reform Jewish Leader Reacts to Roberts Nomination 07/19/05
Reform Jewish Movement Condemns Terrorist Attack at Netanya Shopping Mall 07/13/05
Reform Jewish Movement Taps Rabbi Lynne Landsberg as Disability Issues Liaison 07/08/05
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to Retirement of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor 07/01/05
Reform Jewish Movement Commends the Supreme Court's Preservation of the Separation of Church and State in Ten Commandments Cases 06/27/05
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Introduction of Legislation Extending Equal Immigration Rights To Same-Sex Couples 06/21/05
Reform Jewish Leader Meets with Pope Benedict XVI 06/09/05
Reform Jewish Movement Voices Disappointment at the Confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor 06/09/05
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds House Vote Condemning Anti-Semitism 06/08/05
Reform Jewish Leader Expresses Concern Over Reports of Religious Proselytizing, Discrimination, and Anti-Semitism at the Air Force Academy 06/02/05
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes Supreme Court’s Unanimous Affirmation of Religious Liberty 05/31/05
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Re-Introduction of Hate Crimes Measure, Urges Swift Passage 05/26/05
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds House Passage of Embryonic Stem Cell Legislation 05/24/05
Reform Jewish Movement Responds to Filibuster Compromise 05/24/05
Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes the Introduction of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2005 05/18/05
Reform Jewish Leader Criticizes New Congressional 2006 Budget Resolution 04/29/05
Religious Leaders Teleconference to Urge Majority Leader Frist Not to Legitimate the Message of “Justice Sunday” 04/22/05
Reform Jewish Movement Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Earth Day 04/22/05
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Senate Leadership on Darfur 04/21/05
Reform Jewish Movement Calls on Senator Frist to Repudiate Claim That Judicial Nominees are Victims of a "Filibuster Against Faith" 04/15/05
Statement of Rabbi David Saperstein, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, at a Press Conference Concerning the Real ID Act and its Implication for Victims of Religious Persecution 04/12/05
Statement by Rabbi David Saperstein, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, on the Plight of North Korean Refugees 04/07/05
Reform Jewish Leader Praises Secretary Rice’s Statements in Support of Religious Freedom in China 03/22/05
Statement by Rabbi David Saperstein, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, on the Workplace Religious Freedom Act 03/17/05
Reform Jewish Movement Outraged by Senate Decision to Support Arctic Drilling 03/16/05
Reform Jewish Leader Disappointed by Passage of Bill Sanctioning Federally-Funded Religious Discrimination 03/04/05
Reform Jewish Leader Responds to President Bush’s Budget 02/08/05
Reform Jewish Leader Urges President Bush to End the Genocidal Activity in Darfur, Sudan 02/08/05
Reform Jewish Leader Applauds New York Ruling That Declares Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional 02/04/05
Reform Jewish Movement Urges Senate to Further Examine Gonzales’ Record 01/28/05
Statement by Rabbi David Saperstein on the Upcoming Challenges for Church-State Separation 01/14/05
Reform Jewish Leader Calls on President Bush to Clarify That There Should Be No Religious Tests for Political Office, Including the Office of the United States President 01/12/05
Reform Jewish Leader Challenges New Palestinian Leadership to Confront the Culture of Hatred Against Jews and Israel 01/07/05
Reform Jewish Movement Urges Judiciary Committee to Question Gonzales’ Record On War on Terror and Other Issues 01/05/05

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