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The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism is the Washington office of the Union for Reform Judaism, whose more than 900 congregations across North America encompass 1.5 million Reform Jews, and the Central Conference of American Rabbis whose membership includes more than 1800 Reform rabbis.

This archive contains press releases issued after January 1996. The press releases are in reverse chronological order. To find information on a specific issue, check out our Issues in Focus section, or search the RAC site.

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Latest Press Releases
Article Reform Movement Urges Co-Sponsorship of Safe Schools and Non-Discrimination Legislation 04/11/14
Article Reform Movement Commends Senate Passage of Unemployment Insurance Extension 04/07/14
Article Reform Leaders Call on Senate to End Gender-Based Wage Discrimination 04/06/14
Article Reform Movement Horrified by Fort Hood Shooting 04/03/14
Article Reform Leaders Weigh in on Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Cases at Supreme Court 03/25/14
Article Saperstein Condemns Anti-Semitism Against Ukrainian Jewry 03/04/14
Article Reform Jewish Movement Commends EPA on Clean Fuel and Vehicle Standards 03/03/14
Article Reform and Conservative/Masorti Jewish Leaders Express Concern Over Ir David Foundation Governance of Kotel 02/27/14
Article Reform Movement Condemns Alarming Number of State Anti-Gay Bills 02/21/14
Article Barbara Weinstein Testifies in Support of EPA's Carbon Standards for New Power Plants 02/07/14
Article Jewish Disability Awareness Month - Reform Movement Highlights Awareness and Initiatives 02/06/14
Article Reform Jewish Leader Responds to SNAP Cut in Farm Bill 02/05/14
Article Reform Jewish Movement Comments on State of the Union Speech 01/29/14
Article Extreme Anti-Choice Bill Violates Jewish Teachings 01/28/14
Article Reform Movement Applauds Introduction of Key Voting Rights Bill 01/17/14
Article Reform Movement Leaders Submit Statement Opposing House Anti-Choice Bill 01/17/14
Article Reform Jewish Movement Applauds Implementation of State-Paid Salaries for Reform Rabbis in Israel 01/02/14
Article Reform Movement Recognizes Historic Day for Healthcare Reform 01/02/14
Article Faiths Calling Campaign Asserts Reform Jewish Movement Commitment to Gun Violence Prevention 12/20/13
Article Reform Jewish Community Recommits to Passing Meaningful Legislation to Prevent Gun Violence Following Colorado Shooting 12/13/13
Article Faiths Calling for Gun Violence Prevention Honors Anniversary of Newtown Tragedy 12/12/13
Article Reform Movement Mourns the Loss of Nelson Mandela 12/05/13
Article Rabbi Saperstein Joins Fast4Families for Immigration Reform 12/04/13
Article Reform Movement Applauds Implementation of Mental Health Parity Laws 11/14/13
Article Broad Communal Collaboration to Foster Synagogues Inclusive of All Abilities 11/11/13
Article Reform Jewish Leader Speaks in Support of EPA's Carbon Standards 11/07/13
Article Reform Movement Applauds Senate on Passage of Employment Non-Discrimination Act 11/07/13
Article Reform Movement Commends Senate on Procedural Vote Moving Employment Non-Discrimination Bill Forward 11/05/13
Article Diverse Array of National Faith Organizations Call for Senate Passage of Employment Non-Discrimination Act 11/01/13
Article TRUST Act's Moral Backers: Rabbis and Jewish Advocates Mobilized for Change 10/08/13
Article Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Pakistan Church Bombing, Attacks on Minority Faiths 09/24/13
Article "Faiths Calling" to End Workplace Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans 09/17/13
Article Central Conference of American Rabbis Statement on Syria 09/13/13
Article Nation's Rabbis Call on Congress to Pass Immigration Reform Now 09/12/13
Article Reform California Clergy Urge Governor Brown to Sign a Fair TRUST Act 08/21/13
Article Reform Jewish Leader Comments on Senate Tax Reform 07/30/13
Article Reform and Conservative Jewish Leaders Visit Jonathan Pollard in Federal Prison 07/16/13
Article Reform Movement Submits Testimony Outlining Church-State Concerns in Energy Bill 07/11/13
Article Reform Movement Optimistic after Committee Vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act 07/10/13
Article Reform Movement Coordinates Letter of Support from Sixty Faith Groups on Behalf of Employment Non-Discrimination Act 07/09/13
Article Reform Movement Commends Final Rule on Contraception Access 07/01/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Senate Passage of Immigration Reform 06/27/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Ruling in Marriage Equality Cases 06/26/13
Article Applause from Reform Movement for President's Commitment to Addressing Climate Change 06/25/13
Article Reform Movement Condemns Supreme Court Ruling in Voting Rights Case 06/25/13
Article Reform Movement Responds to Court Ruling on Affirmative Action 06/24/13
Article Reform Movement Condemns House Passage of Anti-Choice Bill 06/19/13
Article Reform Movement Supports Availability of Emergency Contraception 06/11/13
Article Reform Movement Urges Prime Minister Netanyahu to Suspend Plan for Negev Bedouin 06/10/13
Article Rabbi Saperstein Honors Temple Hesed for Commitment to Social Action 06/06/13
Article Reform Movement Saddened By ExxonMobil's Vote Against Non-Discrimination Policies for the LGBT Community 06/06/13
Article Reform Movement Mourns Passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg 06/03/13
Article Reform Movement Mobilizes in Support of Immigration Legislation 05/29/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Major Step Forward For the Boy Scouts of America 05/28/13
Article Over 500 Rabbis and Cantors Urge the Boy Scouts of America to Change Their Discriminatory Policy 05/21/13
Article Reform Movement Decries Vandalism Aimed at Women of the Wall 05/21/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes the Employment Non-Discrimination Act's Reintroduction 04/29/13
Article On Earth Day, Reform Movement Calls for Progress on Climate Change 04/22/13
Article Reform Movement Troubled by Failure of Senate to Expand Background Checks 04/18/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Introduction of Senate Immigration Bill 04/17/13
Article Moral Activists Renew Call for Gun Violence Prevention Laws 04/11/13
Article Bipartisan Support of Background Checks Provides Hope for Gun Violence Prevention 04/10/13
Article Rabbi David Saperstein Addresses National Immigration Rally 04/10/13
Article Reform Movement Urges Action on Paycheck Fairness 04/09/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Emergency Contraception Access Ruling 04/09/13
Article Leader of Reform Movement Urges Senators to Prevent Gun Violence 04/08/13
Article Reform Movement Responds to HHS Contraception Guidelines 04/08/13
Article Reform Movement Joins with Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation, Renews Partnership with Nothing But Nets; Hires Program Coordinator to Manage the Two Partnerships 03/15/13
Article Reform Rabbi Testifies for Equality in Utah State Legislature 03/08/13
Article Reform Jewish Community Disappointed in Congressional Trigger of Sequestration 03/01/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes House Passage of Inclusive VAWA; Looks Forward to Swift Enactment 02/28/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Senate Passage of Violence Against Women Act 02/13/13
Article Ban On Gay Scouts Undermines Shared Principles  02/07/13
Article Rabbi Saperstein Commends President Obama for Announcement That He Will Visit Israel; Hopes for Renewed Peace Talks 02/07/13
Article HHS Releases Encouraging Compromise on Contraception Coverage 02/04/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Immigration Proposals 01/30/13
Article Reform Movement Commends Introduction of Assault Weapons Ban 01/28/13
Article Reform Movement Welcomes President's Anti-Gun Violence Proposals; Urges Swift Congressional Consideration 01/16/13
Article One month after Newtown tragedy, Reform Movement leads religious call for Congressional action to prevent gun violence 01/15/13
Article Diverse National Civic and Religious Leaders Unite to Call for an End to Senseless Gun Violence 01/14/13
Article One week after the Newtown tragedy, Reform Jewish Leader calls for united religious response 12/21/12
Article Reform Movement Troubled by Michigan "Right-to-Work" Law 12/17/12
Article Reform Movement Horrified by CT School Shooting; Reaffirms Call for Sensible Gun Control 12/14/12
Article Reform Movement Tells Congress: Deficit Reduction Must Not Increase Poverty 12/06/12
Article Failure to Ratify International Disability Rights Treaty Deeply Disappointing 12/05/12
Article Religious Leaders Urge Congress to Protect the Poor in Deficit Reduction 11/29/12
Article RAC and WRJ Call for Swift Confirmation of Judges 11/28/12
Article Reform Movement: Israel's Security Paramount 11/15/12
Article Rabbi Lynne Landsberg, Rabbi David Saperstein, and the Village People Appear on the Same Stage 11/02/12
Article Reform Movement Condemns Rocket Attacks in Israel 10/24/12
Article Health Coverage for Immigrant Youth a Moral Obligation 10/19/12
Article Reform Movement Welcomes 2nd Circuit's Ruling on DOMA 10/18/12
Article Anat Hoffman Arrest in Jerusalem Underscores Gender & Pluralism Issues 10/17/12
Article Reform Movement Deeply Concerned by Congressional Letter from Christian Denominational Leaders 10/10/12
Article Reform Movement Welcomes Ruling on PA Voter ID Law 10/02/12
Article Saperstein Condemns Attack on Jewish Community in Sweden 09/28/12
Article Rabbi Saperstein Submits Testimony on Hate Crimes and Domestic Extremism 09/20/12
Article Reform Movement Commends Prime Minister Harper and Canadian Government for Canada's Stand on Iran 09/15/12
Article Rabbi Saperstein "Saddened and Appalled" by Tragic Violence in Libya, Egypt 09/12/12
Article Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Vandalism of Latrun Monastery 09/07/12

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