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Holiday Guides: Tu Bish'vat 2col blo

Tu BiSh'vat

Tu BiSh’vat, also known as the New Year of the Trees (Rosh Hashana Lallanot), falls on the fifteenth (tu) day of the month of Sh'vat. Scholars believe that Tu BiSh'vat was originally an agricultural festival, marking the emergence of spring.

Holiday Guides: Tu Bish'vat

Be inspired with these environmentally-focused activities that works for your congregation, class, community, or family. Participate in a traditional tree planting project, work on waste reduction in your house, and more! 

These texts, prayers, and scripture selections can incorporate the imperative for environmental stewardship into your holiday celebration or Tu BiSh'vat activity.

These downloadable resources are easy to print, share, and use with your family or congregation. 

Other Resources

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We are grateful to all the colleagues and friends who reviewed this publication and offered their insightful suggestions for its structure and improvement. This guide was authored by Matthew Durbin, RAC Rabbinic Intern, with guidance from Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, then Director of the Commission on Social Action and now Director of Women of Reform Judaism, and was revised by Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Liya Rechtman. Thanks also to Rose Kowel, Sean Thibault, Donald Cohen-Cutler, and Alyssa Agard.