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The themes of the holiday season transcend religious boundaries, but have particular significance for Reform Jews in America. Welcoming the stranger to our table and giving thanks for the many gifts bestowed upon us are common values in Jewish life. While we give thanks, reflect, or celebrate, let us also be mindful of those among us who still cry out for justice. The tools in these holiday guides provide unique and convenient ways to bring social justice values to the forefront of your holiday celebrations, from Yamim Noraim to national holidays like Thanksgiving.

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Explore social justice themes of hunger, the environment, and the criminal justice system as part of your observance of Yamim Noraim.

Celebrate Sukkot by focusing on themes of housing, the environment and welcoming the stranger. 

This holiday of sustainability and dedication allows us the opportunity to discuss many social justice issues. We've even got a Social Justice Gift Guide!

When celebrating this festival of nature consider the Jewish obligation to caring for God’s world.

Global religious freedom and religious persecution, women's rights, and more - all of these social justice themes can be explored through the story of Esther. Use our holiday resources for Purim to get started. 

Delve into the story of the Exodus through Passover themes of poverty, immigration and refugee concerns, slavery, or interfaith relations.


Commemorate the covenant between God and the Jewish community by addressing economic justice, the environment, world Jewry and LGBTQ rights.

Celebrate our National Holidays by participating in acts of g’milut chasadim, acts of loving-kindness.

Birkat HaHammah

In April 2037, the sun will return to the time and place of its creation. Learn how it was celebrated through environmental activism.