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Health Care

Read the latest updates and learn more about the importance of health care from a Reform Jewish lens.

Health Care

Urge Congress to preserve the Affordable Care Act

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), almost 23 million previously uninsured Americans gained health care coverage.

Thank your Senators for Defending Affordable Health Care

Resources on Health Care Policy

Current proposals to upend the American health care system could have far-reaching ramifications for millions of Americans.  

How you Can Defend Affordable Health Care

National Jewish Organization Letter on Senate Health Care Bill 

Ohio Rabbis' Letter to Senator Portman

RAC Letter on House Health Care Bill 

RAC Healthcare Blog Roll 1cb

Latest Updates on Healthcare
mental illness, silhouette of head made by threadds
Jul 07, 2017|Bailey Roos
Health Care and Congress
Jun 26, 2017|Alexia and Scott Kadish

Contact Our Legislative Policy Team

For more information on this issue, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Nathan Bennett at 202-387-2800.