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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the General Schedule
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How structured are our weekends during the program?  Would I have time to take an overnight trip at some point to visit friends outside of the city during the summer?
The program tries to provide structure and plan amazing opportunities yet also provide free time.  We want to give you an incredible Washington experience and at the same time the freedom you are accustomed to at school.  Friday night we will have dinner and services together.  Most Saturday and Sundays there will optional Washington activities such as museums, outings, and other fun things.  You can go out of town but remember, it's only six weeks so plan to make the most of your time here.

George Washington University provides intern housing and is within walking distance of the metro and the Religious Action Center. If enough participants are interested in this option, we will arrange for discounted group housing. please let Rabbi Michael Namath know and he will coordinate the group.

You can find information about other housing options here.

How does the Deposit Work?
After being accepted into the program, participants are responsible for a $360 refundable deposit, to secure thier spot in the program.

The costs of the program are covered by generous donors and alumni of the program. The $360 deposit is fully refundable upon your return home after successfully completing the program. If you withdraw from the program, you prevent another person from benefiting from the opportunity to participate in this program and your deposit will not be refunded.

How are students and internships matched?
Using the information provided on the application, the RAC staff matches students with internships.

What should I to bring to DC?
- Bring comfortable walking shoes.
- Clothing reminder: the weather in June and July will be in the upper 80s and upper 90s with high levels of humidity.
- Bring professional business attire for visits to the Hill.
- Check with your intern supervisor to determine what you will wear to your internship.
- The conference room in the RAC building (where most of our sessions take place) is very very very cold - bring a sweatshirt (you can keep it at our building if you want).
- Bring comfortable walking shoes.

How do I Receive Academic Credit?
To receive academic credit, please check your University requirements. Sometimes students must request credit in advance, for others it is only done after the class is completed. Find out what you have to do now to avoid problems later.

In some cases, the RAC staff has also been asked to provide a letter showing that a student took a class. Again, find out now, and we will work together to help make this happen.

Where do I go on Sunday June 8th?
On Sunday evening we will have dinner together in Washington, DC at 5:45 pm. If you plan on arriving later, just let me know.

What accommodations need to be made if I was planning on driving into D.C.?
If it is at all possible, do not bring your car, you do not need it. If your home, school, and start date in the fall require you to bring a car here are a few options.
-Parking on GW campus costs about $230.00 a month more information
-Park in suburban MD or VA, possible but not very easy to get to via metro and bus.
-Park in a garage in DC can be about $230 a month.

Where should my friends and family send my mail and packages?
The mail systems on campus or at rentals can sometimes loose temporary visitors mail. Send your mail to:
Your Name
RAC Machon Kaplan Participant
2027 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

Can I extend my internship beyond 6 weeks?
Yes. Most internships would be happy to have you for additional time. If you are staying at GW we can help you to stay in your room for the additional time.

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