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June 7- July 19, 2015

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Application Deadline: February 1, 2015

Machon Kaplan Participants on the steps of the Religious Action CenterMachon Kaplan is an internship program for undergraduate students interested in Judaism and social justice. Based in Washington, D.C., it provides students with a meaningful social justice internship, the opportunity to engage in academic study related to their internships, and a community of like-minded students with whom to share their experience. Students learn, through study and action, the interrelationship of Judaism and American ideals.

Machon Kaplan in the News
  • Read the MK Blog for updates and reflections on the MK's internships during summer 2014.
  • "I attended briefings and hearings on the Hill on any issues that I wanted to go to, in addition to all the things I was assigned to do." (Read more of the New Jersey Jewish News article)
  • "Machon Kaplan allows an integrated experience between class and internships, along with social justice and our Jewish values," Fisher said. (Read more of the Courier-Post article)
  • "These are people who are really at the forefront of social justice politics. Everybody said what they actually felt, so I got as many influences as possible to form my own opinions," (Read more of The Island Now article)
  • "I came away from this experience knowing what it is like to work in the non-profit sector and within a community of my own... I am really glad I had the opportunity to do such important work" (Read more of the Jewish Journal Massachusetts article)
  • "Machon Kaplan has given me all of the opportunities to explore stances on topics and gives me the resources for me to succeed with this setting," (Read more of The Groton Line article)
  • Internships reveal the 'circuitry' of DC (Read more of the New Jersey Jewish News article)
  • "I realized how the efforts of an individual and a group can go a long way." (Read more of The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle article)
  • "These Jewish Interns Campaign for Washington, Not Against It." (Read more of the Jewish Daily Forward article)
  • "'Working here has helped me to get a better grasp on how obvious it is that Jewish values relate to everyday life,' said Wes Peskin." (Read more of the Washington Post article)
  • "Michael Evers is the kind of college student for whom spending a summer mowing lawns or working at a summer camp just isn't enough. For Evers, a rising sophomore at DePaul University, meaningful Jewish experiences coupled with a deep commitment to social action translates into a summer in the nation's capital." (Read more of the David's Voice article)
  • "Machon Kaplan participants live and breathe social justice, combining their interest in Judaism with their passion for improving the world." (Read more of the Texas Jewish Post article)

  • Social Action Internships
    Three full days and one half day each week are spent in internships at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism or at other advocacy nonprofits across the city. For a list of organizations where Machon Kaplan interns have worked in the past, click here.

  • Study
    Meet top people in their field and make connections. Several mornings and evenings each week are dedicated to specially designed learning opportunities.

  • Community Life
    Students participate together in exploring DC, as well as social, cultural, and religious events. A highlight of each week is the group’s Shabbat celebration.

  • Washington, D.C.
    Through formal and informal experiences, students will explore Washington, DC, have the opportunity to hear from leading speakers on contemporary issues, and will visit museums, synagogues, and monuments.

Please read about the program, and if after learning more about the program you have questions, please contact Rabbi Michael Namath at 202-387-2800 or via email.

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