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Senator Jeff Sessions looking off camera

Late last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued new charging guidelines that will further expand our country’s oversized prison population, which is already the world’s largest in total number. The Attorney General’s guidelines direct U.S. Attorneys, who are responsible for prosecuting individuals suspected of federal crimes, to...

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Last week, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), by a narrow 217-213 vote. The vote is a distressing turn of events for those committed to expanding access to quality, affordable health care. The AHCA was withdrawn at the end of March largely because the bill limits access to quality health care because of the...

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On May 5, President Trump signed a continuing resolution that funds the government through the remainder of the fiscal year, which ends September 30. The deal avoided a potential government shutdown and gives Congress and the President nearly five months to negotiate a budget agreement for FY 2018. Continuing resolutions (CR), spending measures that have become common in recent years, are short-term funding agreements that generally extend funding to government agencies and...

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The rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric has the potential for serious policy ramifications. Concerns that the budget (or the continuing resolution to maintain funding without a new budget) would have provisions for a down payment on a US-Mexico border wall, allocate funds for the hiring of 500 new Customs and Border Protection agents and 1,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, and increase the detention and removal of undocumented immigrants have been assuaged for now. Potential budgets down the line could contain these very provisions, or similar ones. Within these big-...

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Jail Cells

How does a state that has not executed a single prisoner since 2005 end up scheduling eight executions and carrying out four of them in ten days? What can these developments tell us about the application of the death penalty in the United States? The answers to these questions lie in a complex story involving the Arkansas government, the Supreme Court, advocates for and against the death penalty and drug expiration dates.


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