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kids in a public school classroom

Two moments stand out as groundbreaking in laying a foundation for access to equal public education for all students: the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (1868) and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954). However, even with these two significant public education breakthroughs, schools today continue to be funded in a way that prevents those in low-income neighborhoods from accessing equal services as those in high-income neighborhoods. On average nationally, about 10% of a school’s...

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walking alone

At a college house party, a red cup sits comfortably in his hand. His other hand is on the wall, his arm outstretched and his body maneuvered around her in a way that makes her feel trapped. He asks her over the loud music if he can get her a drink. Afraid of how he might react if she says “no”, she reluctantly says “yes.” He knows another drink will lower her defenses, but he hides his intent behind a veil of chivalry. When he comes back with her drink, she is nowhere to be seen. He feels cheated and a tangible anger rises inside him. He turns around and walks over to another girl, drink...

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Young people holding candles

Our world is imperfect. As Jews, we know this.

The Torah teaches that God created a world capable of chaos and of order. While this can sometimes create moments of despair, it is also the basis for all hope, all light in the darkness.

The violence and hatred witnessed over the weekend in Charlottesville, VA weighs heavily on our minds and in our hearts. As Americans, many of us awoke today feeling ashamed, scared and outraged. It is okay to feel these things. The fight for justice cannot come only from the head; it must come also from the heart.  

It is in these...

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the words title ix written in green and blue

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex under any educational program or activity receiving federal funding, is currently under threat. While the law was initially passed with a focus on prohibiting gender discrimination in collegiate athletics, it addresses discrimination in many areas of the educational experience. Title IX supports students’...

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no ban no wall

As a high school student in Washington, DC, I have heard firsthand accounts from my peers of how anti-refugee sentiment has affected them and their families. I have had conversations with fellow students who tell me their families are no longer able to visit them and feel wary of when they’ll next get to see their loved ones. I have also discussed with friends their fear of being Muslim in America with recent rhetoric used to depict their religion and members of their community. While there are over 65 million men, women, and children who experience displacement as refugees worldwide,...

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