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GOTV Resources

Our Get Out the Vote Guide - updated for 2014 - provides you with tools, resources and information to help your congregation or community plan a successful voter engagement effort in advance of Election Day.

This guide was designed for use by Jewish congregations and communal organizations wishing to conduct their own voter registration drives. We also encourage participation in voter registration drives in the general community. The same procedures and materials that are suggested here for use in the Jewish community can be adapted for voter registration use in the broader community.

Downloadable/Printable Resources:

Youth GOTV
First-time voter? Not yet able to vote but interested in spreading the word in your community? Check out these RAC resources just for you:

These organizations provide great tools for voters of all ages to prepare for election season:
  • Project Vote Smart: provides summaries of candidates, platforms, and ballot initiatives from the federal to local level
  • Rock the Vote: find the rules, forms, and deadlines for voter registration in your state
  • Campus Vote Project: provides resources specifically targeted at increasing voter registration and turnout among college students
*Thanks to photographer Theresa Thompson for providing access to the photo used in our social media toolkit via the Flickr Commons.
Why American Jews Must Vote

A crucial election day is only months away. At stake are vital political, economic and moral issues of concern to all Americans, in addition to issues of special concern to American Jews.

During the next four years, there will be important debates about the way our government does business. Legislation on significant issues such as health care, job creation, climate change, immigration reform and support for Israel is likely to be considered by the next Congress and Administration. In addition, over the next four years, the President and Senate will confirm judges who will make crucial decisions affecting our lives. With the stakes so high, we must work to reverse the trend toward declining percentages of voters.

As Jews and American citizens we have an obligation to participate in the elections to ensure that our country's policies at the local, state and national levels reflect our commitment to social justice. Every vote counts and plays a defining role in setting policy agendas. It is our civic duty to register promptly, educate ourselves about the critical issues and VOTE!

See you at the polls in 2014!

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For more information on Get out the Vote efforts and the 2014 election, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Melanie Fineman.

If you'd like to learn more about voting rights, check out the Voting Rights tag on RACBlog for the current status of this important civil right. You can also contact Claire Shimberg, Eisendrath Legislative Assistant for Voting Rights and Civil Rights.

For more on campaign finance reform, visit our campaign finance reform web page, check out RACBlog for latest updates, or contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Rachel Chung.

If you're looking for the history of the Reform Movement's involvement in the struggle for voting and civil rights in the 1960s, visit our Shabbat Tzedek page for programming materials and historical resources.

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